My first plant is flowering. How far along is it?

Like so many here, I’m a newbie. This is my first grow. It is a White Widow Auto, growing outside in the Deep South. Plant pictured is only 38 days from emergence and is flowering. (Way early, right?) The lower foliage is yellowing. Daytime highs have consistently been 100 F most of the last 2-3 weeks, so I don’t think my 3 plants are too happy with that. (The other two plants, same strain, are not as far along.) Can you give me an idea of how many more days/weeks on this one before harvest?


8 to 10 weeks from the date it started flowering. By appearance you have 8 to 9 of those weeks to go yet.

It isn’t. Most autos flower at btw 4 and 7 weeks. We have seen a few flower as early as 2.5 weeks.


Autos can start flowering as early as 3 weeks from sprouting. 5 weeks is probably more the average but autos tend to do whatever they want. Looks like its been flowering for a couple weeks so I will venture a guess that you have 7 or 8 weeks to go.
Looks good. A pic of the whole plant will help if you want opinions on yellow leaves.


I think they look great. At this point keep up good newts and watch it grow! You must become one with the plant. Looks to me it can get 50-60% bigger.

But I am a newbie. So….

Keep up the good work🤘


Im gonna say ya got a solid month or 2 in about 6 weeks start looking for amber trics in the buds not on the leaves or the outside of the bud especially if your seeing that kind of heat


I think you have roughly 8 more weeks to go. Dont rush it. The biggest mistake of new growers is harvesting too early.


Thanks! Here is a picture of the lower part of the plant. The big leaves are yellowing.


Are you feeding it yet?
Looks hungry

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Only very lightly, I think.

  • 12-10-5 + micros applied 1 week post-emergence

  • 15-30-15 applied at 4 weeks post-emergence (onset of flowering)

  • 0-10-10 applied at 5 weeks post emergence

  • Dolomite and some Ca/Mg acetate applied a couple times.

However, all applications were conservative rates, I was more afraid of killing them with kindness than under-feeding them.

Have I been too conservative?

Probably. Do you have a ppm meter?
I think a full strength feeding is in order

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Thanks, I’ll try to be patient.

Okay. What NPK would you suggest?
No ppm meter…

Of the three you listed I guess the 15-30-15 for now. It needs all three.
In flowering it needs higher P and K but still needs Nitrogen as well.
Do you have a pic of the nutrients?

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Buy a tds meter. 12 to 15.00 Amazon.

No pic, it was Miracle Grow flower food. What would be the ideal NKP at this point?

If you are going to buy something new for cannabis, this is the easiest trouble free system right now.

Sold in different size kits, he breaks down large bags into started kits.
Seller named GEARCRAFTERS1 on Ebay
One simple formula from start to finish.

Mixing Instructions****:****

Mixing instructions per gallon of water below are in the order they should be mixed (dissolve each one completely before adding next). Warm water helps speed up dissolution.

By weight (add to one gallon of water):

  1. Weigh and completely dissolve 3 grams Jacks 5-12-26
  2. Weigh and completely dissolve 1 grams Magnesium Sulfate
  3. Weigh and completely dissolve 2 grams Jacks Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0

By volume (add to one gallon of water):

  1. Measure and completely dissolve 1/2 teaspoon Jacks 5-12-26
  2. Measure and completely dissolve 1/4 teaspoon Magnesium Sulfate
  3. Measure and completely dissolve 1/2 teaspoon Jacks Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0

Or do

3.6 grams part A
2.4 grams part B
1.1 grams of epsom salt.


Jacks is as easy as 3,2,1. Really hard to mess up. Gentle on plants. Add ya some microbes once a week and molasses as well. Happy growing

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Thanks! Very roughly, using the weight ratio above, it is 11-9-20, plus some Ca and Mg!

Until 80% of those white pistils turn orange/brown they are getting close.

I wait til 90% and then add a week or 2 based on trics. It is a slloooowew process

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