My first plant and first time posting

My first one had a bit of a hard time had 4 branches pulled off now trying to treat spidermite but at least I amstarting to see pistils


Welcome to the community. Looking good

Heres my baby now 2 weeks in to flower
Can i still take some leafs off looking a bit bushy


Some more pics starting to see the buds now I think should be about 4 or 5 weeks left


She is looking nice and healthy.

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Looking good to me what do you all think


Just another pic close up this time

can you tell im getting excited :grin:


Coming along nicely :ok_hand:

love a black and white photo

Just been to check on my baby and i have noticed some leaves turning

Can someone tell me everything is OK
@Covertgrower @Oldman she’s a few weeks off been ready

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It’s fine. They do that when things get frosty.


Thanks hope you did not mind me tagging you as I hear your name come up a lot in here

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Covert is the man

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So final update of the year i battled through the bud rot And wmp to take of 1 and a half oz dry
Had a tough first grow it don’t look good but I’ve been smashed every night for the last week would like to thank everyone that helped on this post and others don’t think I would have made it without you lot so heres to next year with a bit of knowledge behind me and a lot of you great people on here going to do autos next year so will do a full diary for them stay strong and high