My First Outdoor Grow

This is my first outdoor grow, I’ll take any advice if any one can lend me any, all Love here. They were planted from seedling on 4/18. I’ve yet to give them any nutrients just cause not sure wat yet. I have some cal mag but nothing to PH yet so that’s y I haven’t given them anything. I’ll post more pics and if my little green house I built.


Welcome to the forum good luck with your grow what strain?

Hi and welcome!! You need to get those girls transplant, if growing outside, it depends on if you are growing autos or photo period. Autos need minimum 5 gal, preferably fabric bags and 7 gallon bags. The bigger the grow space, the happier the plant. Photo period will need to be planted in the ground or in pretty big bags.

As far as nutes, it all really depends on your soil composition. You will need a PPM meter and a PH meter if growing in bags or pots.

Get some neem oil and a sprayer. Hit them every other week to keep pests at bay. Stop when they start flowering (usually in August).

If you’re planting in the ground don’t worry too much about pH. Let Mother Nature do her thing.

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Thank you, some OGs

I grow outside. Caterpillars are my biggest issue pest wise. I spray with BT twice a week.

I also just had some serious bud rot.

Inspect your buds and don’t be afraid to pull them away from the main stem when searching for bud rot.

I grow with supersoil, have not had to add anything.

Good luck, I’m set to watching.


Thanks, ya for my soil I use the fox farm ocean forest. I’ll be giving them some Cal mag for there first any kind of nutrients.

Update on my babies

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If you get high temps where you are at painting the pots a lighter color will help the roots.

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