My First outdoor Gelato Grow , it's been awile

Hi All ,
Super glad to meet you all. New to the Forum , as well purchaser from here. I have done a couple successful indoor Grows, as well outdoor . I’m In the intermediate range of growing. I am not a master grower Yet, still soaking up as much knowledge as I can get :smiley: . I purchased Gelato :shaved_ice: Fem seeds from iLGM, about the second week of May. I will post pics below, about a couple day’s after soaking in water, the seeds poped and started showing root growth May 18th . So I finished germination process off in paper towel method. I Put my babies in dirt about May 21. !It has been a few weeks now and the babies are nice, green , healthy as well . About June 14th The Gelato Babies start kicking it into growth . May 26th transplanted into 15gal. Fabric grow pots, as well trying the companion growing. In the middle of my 4 babies I’m growing basil :herb: as well sweet Mint to attract plant bugs just too this plant. In my 4 , 15 gal pots I added a Marigold to each to attract bees :honeybee: for some good pollen and as well help add maintain soil nutrients / growth and bugs to that as well . Will see what happens , all is good so far just wanted to share with you guys my grow and process. I’m Glad to be here any comments or knowledge greatly appreciated thank you :pray:t2: :seedling:.



Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Lots of cool people you will get to know.

Very cool, planting a marigold into the same pot as your plants, not something you see done (on purpose) everyday. Love variety and how each plant has its purpose. Respect the process!! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


@OlyBoy98503, @BeeKeeper2 @kellydans @Covertgrower @Ah-hee take a look.


Thank you so so much , greatly appreciated! I can’t wait! Thanks again :pray:t2:


Big welcome @CaliJoe510!!! You are off the a great start! I agree with @Zee very cool idea with the marigold and other natural insect deterrents! I’m set to tag along on your journal if you dont mind @CaliJoe510 ?


Looking good.


Welcome to the community ! looking good I’m set to watch. Happy growing.


Thank you this is my first try with the companion planting, with the natural insect deterrent’s .
will see how they do :smiley: yes you may @Ah-hee :+1:

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Thanks @Covertgrower will see how she does . :slightly_smiling_face:

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@SweetsOnDeck @keegrows @DankBank22 @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie Check out this grow along with the companion plants!


Good stuff. Welcome to the forum.

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@CaliJoe510 welcome to the community. nice looking girls

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Hey @CaliJoe510
Happy Growing and Welcome!
Lovely looking plants. Digging the Marigolds, natural insect replants!! Just gonna hop on in here if ya don’t mind

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Thanks :pray:t2: Everyone . My Nutrients should be here today. I ordered / went with Roots Organic Terp Tea. Did some research on it for week or so and loved the reviews it was given ! :sun_with_face::honeybee: :deciduous_tree:. Has Anyone ever try roots organic?

Would it be a good time to clone and crop the girls? If so any good methods ?

ILGM Gelato :shaved_ice: Just about a month and half to go ! Looking super this week , after Starting the Terp Tea Bloom ! I love the terp tea! Boy does it make it ever smell like sweet gelato, the terpenes from the terp teas are amazing :wink:! Here is a video of the progress.

ILGM/Robert Bergman ,

Thanks soo much for the Gelato :shaved_ice: seeds , My babies are nice and healthy ! Couldn’t be any happier! It has been about 4 and half months now since start ,trichomes are just shining :star2: like a Diamond, and the terpines profile smell :scream::drooling_face::wink: ! Thanks to the Wonderful Roots Organics Terp Teas , first time using there product and all I can say is Wow , very good product all organics.


Hi All hope everyone is doing greaT ! What do you guy’s think of my Gelato grow ? is anyone else growing Gelato ?or have any pointers on the strain ?