My first LST try out!

Thank yourself – you’re doing great.

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I have a good feeling that 3 of my plants are going to yield 3oz’s or better as well. Thats definitely a true blessing for me. I’m definitely stoked ! :hugs:

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Hi @dbrn32 did you get a chance to read my message in regards to my thread, is it possible?

Is this light any good? AC-IGT24


Would you recommend it?

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Yeah but still hand watering ATM , need more materials to set it up a bit different and on more pots.just a tip but if using a automatic watering system try shutting off the system every second week to allow the medium to dry out to the point that it feels like a bag of fresh soil.this won’t kill the microbes or wilt the plants much if at all but helps on so many levels , sure reduces risks like pythium

@duhneese I read on another post that @Mcsketcher uses the Blumats. Hope you don’t mind the tag to help a fellow grower out!

I’ve been using blumats for the last 6 weeks. So far so good. If you let the reservoir run out you’ll need to resoak and fill the carrots. I also don’t add nutrients to my reservoir for fear of clogging the lines with minerals. I feed by hand.


Damn those girls are looking fantastic sir

@SilvaBack203 I believe has the t33 from AC infinity and loves it. He’ll chime in at some point about it. :call_me_hand:

I actually have the s33 and i do love it in my 2.5x2.5


That’s your tent measurements…??

Imo the AC Infinity lights are pretty competitive. The iongrid would be my choice over the ionboard.

What happened to your Insta? I just saw a bunch of notifications about unread messages not bein’ available

I don’t recall getting a message anywhere, sorry. I also don’t really know anything about that company or specific model. For stuff like this try to find forum posts and follow journals. See what kind of feedback you can get from well documented applications.

I can’t heart at the moment thx! For responding! I wanted to know if i can take my topics and run it all under one thread. Does that make sense? If not no biggie. I just wanted to have all my info in one place.

@dbrn32 I keep wondering if you are getting the messages. I probably didn’t respond directly from your last comment to me. I was asking if you can gather all my topics and threads that i have created and put them all in one thread. Or something similar to what i am asking. Does that make sense what i am requesting? If not i’ll try to elaberate. Thank you kindly!

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@THC73 as I topic browser, when I see a topic with 1000 posts, I don’t usually read them. They are typically older and outdated, even if there’s recent activity, as I feel there would nothing for me to contribute. Shorter, specific topics that I may have an interest in, I will check out. But if I saw one titled “THC73’s Grow History” with 1500 posts, I’d skip it, which doesn’t build the community atmosphere. Or help you when you have a specific question.
My 2 cents, which in Canada we round out pennies, so it ain’t worth shit! :rofl:

I can merge topics, but you have more than what i would say is reasonable to do. The reason is that one will scroll directly into another. Then the next and so on. It would be extremely confusing to read and wouldn’t make any sense.

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just thought i’ld check if possible. However, I do understand it would make no sense to merge. Thanks for responding! Blessings

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No problem. Sorry about late replies too. I have been working on a couple of additional projects on top of my normal workload and time has been at a premium.