My first LST try out!

First time grower! Trying LST for the first time. Any suggestions?! Not really sure if i’m doing this right. Please advise, thanks!! @Graysin @The_Chef @Borderryan22 @SilvaBack203 @Tylersays @PurpNGold74



Did i do to much?? To soon ???

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@Jimtroutbum any advice? Before i do the rest?! Lol!

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Really trying to see what you did? What are the scissors doing? Did you cut part of the plant?

Lol the only picture i could see was the one with the scissors and what you cut off. What you did looks good. I would go easy on removing a lot of leaves this early , but thats just me… im sure others have better idea. You did a nice job, plant looks good.

It felt that way when i was clearing the fan leaves that were blocking ones below. I didn’t want to continue but i felt some wouldnt recieve light so i removed them.
What would you do with them, would you leave some of those leaves even though they are blocking light for others and how about the leaves touching the soil??
Is it best to do the removing of leaves gradually?? Because its to much stress for the plant?? Being 3 weeks old today! This really is nerve wrecking at times!!! Lol!

At this stage those leaves arent blocking anything, when it starts to flower and you start getting bud sites you can fold those fan leaves or just do some selective harvesting on ones that need to go. As far as leaves touching the dirt i usually cut them off. Thats just me.


I see, thanks! I was watching Bill Ward on youtube and i got a bit to excited!! Thankfully this is the only one i’ve done so far!! She was actually the fullest one of them all! Hopefully she recovers well. I’ll definitely slow it down!! Thanks for the advice @Jimtroutbum ! Very helpful! Next time i’m doing photoperiods for sure!! More room for error and recovery i’ve heard


Ya your welcome, at this stage those leaves are that plants life line. Good luck brother. Plant looks healthy.

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The plant ties are meant to pull the plant outward away from the center. The “down” is sort of just circumstantial training. Focus on trying to grab the outermost part of the branch that you can get that still controls the entire branch (the higher up the plant you go, usually the softer/more pliant the branch becomes and it can be hard to actually tie it effectively if you only get flimsy parts).

By the way, you can post all your questions to your main journal - just tag us in when you have something that requires some attention, because I won’t see most of what people post without the tags anymore. I recommend keeping your various questions in the one journal topic so you can refer back to just one place later on if you want to see what you’ve done in the past. It also helps others have a complete picture when asking questions about things like nutrient issues or lighting effectiveness because you’ll have already answered most of the stuff we need to know in prior posts. Not a critique by any means, if the way you do it is easier for you, that’s perfectly fine too. I’m just grateful someone else pointed it out to me when I was getting started. Consequently I only have a couple topics of my own to track.


My best suggestion is read the girl and leave some leaves for Photosynthesis


I put the hammer down on these plants – LST and defoliating. Running a test against plants I just let do their thing. They are maturing faster than the others, the buds are much bigger right now. These are White Widow Autos, from the other seed company. They just finished week 11 (from seed in dirt).

Plants left to do their own thing, with modest LST

Plants where I feel I was aggressive at LST and defoliating



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@SilvaBack203 me diga a verdade por favor. é tão ruim assim até agora? o que eu fiz errado? talvez fosse em breve?

This is today!

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@GrnyGrows do you think that she’ll do well from the looks of her so far? What should i do with her? Should i keep training her towards the center spreading her out to cover the whole area soil area? She was closer to the top edge and im trying to bring her across, Slowly of course giving her time to recoup the haircut i gave her. Is that suppose to be the idea? She is about 3 weeks today. Your advice is appreciated! Btw your plants look beautiful!!

@GrnyGrows im probably being reckless with this one but im testing this on only her so far. If this doesn’t have its benefits then im not touching the rest as aggressively.

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You have a beautiful plant. Stay calm and take your time. I was so stressed my first grow – which I just finished harvesting. I was in a panic constantly.

Here are pics of my LSTing and defoling on 2 young plants for comparison. And, these plants are doing great. I don’t LST til the plant has about four nodes. No defol on 2nd pic – just some LST with staples.


I don’t feel like this is overly aggressive. But, you have the right philosophy IMHO – try some different things, and see what works for you. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m having a blast and learning so much for everyone here. :heart: :heart:

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My plants are so short, the nodes are so close together that it appeared to be less than 4 nodes but it actually has 4 nodes. I think! Lol! I need to make sure i’m getting it right. Thanks for your help! Happy Growing!!