My first ladies

Here are my first 5 ladies. They were stunted and root bound in solo cups. I moved them to 2-lites because that is all I had. Feeding them compost tea. Setting up a closet for veg and bigger containers and a light showing up Friday.



Gotta give it a bit to upload your photos before you post
Just got a link


Thank you! I think the pic finally loaded.


How big of a space u working with and what kind of ligh or lights did u order.

Hi Mark. I have a closet that has about an 8 foot square area. I can double that if I clean out the other half. :grinning: Light and fabric pots are due in tomorrow - I’ll post the info when it is received. Right now they are growing on my desk in our bedroom with one incandescent and one fluorescent and a space blanket for reflection. A bit annoying to have that much light 18:6 and trying to get a good night’s sleep. They are looking leggy and I think I am overwatering. Fungus gnats just showed up so I put in yellow sticky traps. This is my first grow now that it is legal here. I don’t imbibe but I hope this will help my SO’s pocketbook. I also have a small fan running 24/7 and use compost tea has fertilizer.

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Just make sure u let them dry out real well before watering again. Lift the pots when dry. Give it like 2 days and lift u will notice a massive weight diff if it is dry vs wet. Over watering will def mess with them. What was the brand light u ordered that will tell most on the light watts and brand. Can be looked up on specs. Keep whatever lights u have as close as possible for now to hopefully keep them from stretching. U can also do lst top them ir get into super cropping


Thank you Mark. All advice is welcome. Much different than cleaning a bag and throwing the seeds on the creek bank and coming back later. But back then it was all low potency.

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All i can say for you. If u want quality bud. U MUST HAVE super good lights. Hlg lights are most recommended by just about everyone. I have 3 myself. 260xls and i love them way better than anything i had previous from amazon or friends lol. I wish i would have started way sooner. I love this sport lol.

And the twins


Thanks Mark! When I have more budget I will be upgrading my setup. This is a first try. Even if the harvest is small I’ll have a happy husband. Keep me updated on the twins!


For sure i dont post much on my thread but i guess i should start more huh. Im alway on everyone elses posts lol.


You need to start a thread on the twins. I love reading the grow journals.

I dont update enough. I just show when everyone else does usually lol.

I will keep up with that one for sure. First time having this happen. Kinda cool. The little one is catching up quick

Thanks again Marktheman! My Skywalker OG was definitely getting overwatered. She all limp so both fans pointed on her to dry up.

Sky looks much better but the sour diesel and golden goat are drooping😢. I can’t make these girls happy at the same time! As a beginner I should have probably started with one or two strains. The grower had five stains available so I bought one of each since she was selling at half price. Light and pots should show up today so it is repotting this weekend and into the closet set up. I can see roots to the bottom of the two liters and new growth looks vigorous.

For anyone that reads this I have a newbie question. These are all clones. How can I tell if they are auto flower types?

@marko47. Light showed up. Cheap 100w from China.

Welcome to the forum looks like you have a great fellow grower helping you. I’m a retired grandma who has smoked since 1970 but only grown for about 1 and half years. I’m @Amazon66 if you need any help and cant get mark tag me also there’s a few of us gals that follow each other we talk growing and whatever. I’ll tag you into mine

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@Amazon66. Thank you for your support! I appreciate you reaching out.

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I’ll have tenga tag you into hers she’s a retired nurse and we both like experimenting with our plants as in lst or we’re both wanting to collect pollen and pollinate a plant, some plants and stuff like that. We’re both been growing alittle over a year and she has all kinds of peppers, tomatoes, tropical plants she’ll post pics. :maple_leaf::maple_leaf:

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Woo hoo! I have the grow closet set up a LED light, fan and space blankets. I will say that look at the plants from above is much more heart warming than the side view where I fixated on the straggly, stunted lower growth.

I did received my plant bags but can’t seem to find plant saucers locally so I will be checking out Amazon today.

I’ll be putting them into flower once I have some viable clones.

I’ll have to up the light blocking. Right now I only have a cloth shower curtain sun the closet doesn’t have a door (long story there…).

Any suggestions for increasing humidity? We are very arid here and I am only running 25-35% with wet towels hanging in there.