My first Kryptonite wardrobe Topping SCROG CFL's

So a while ago I bought and moved into a new apt, this happened to have a Walk-in closet that I turned into an indoor.

At first I had an Amnesia Gold and a Kryptonite, both Pyramid seeds, but for various reasons I took off the Amnesia Gold.

I think that the germination was the 1/November and changed to bloom the 8/December (you can notice on the lights color), so I might be harvesting by the second week of February.

All veg was with 3 CFL’s Cold-light 75watts each one, this means a lot of lumens, and now in bloom i have 3 CFL’s 85watts, and attached reflectors to them this means a lot of light and not so much heat, I also have covered the entire place with aluminum foil so the light really reflects, I put a little usb fan for the air to mix and for the stem strength, then installed the homemade SCROG that i made with clear/thick fishing line and push pins in the walls.

The main problem that my indoor might have is the lack of outside fresh air, I do open the door from time to time and also sleep with the door slightly open so my breathing CO2 goes in there.

So theres that, I would like a lot of feedback, suggestions, criticisms, tips, anything that could help, I’m open to all kind of questions.


PD: Sorry for the bad english :wink:

Really clean setup! What kind of temps are you running day and night in there?

From the looks of the pictures your lights might to far from the growth. CFLS can be really close, you can judge the heat on the back of hand. I try to keep mine about 4 inches or so. Just watch the heat and don’t burn plants.

Thank you!
I don’t have a really focused track on temperature or humidity, is that important? But it’s somwhere 80 F° Day 75 F° Night

You also have CFL’s?
This is my first indoor ever and I’m trying on CFL cause of money.
I do moved them closer, the issue is that I’ll go on vacation, and I’ll have to leave dripping irrigation and the CFL’s further away.
On this topic, what do you suggest me about the dripping irrigation and how it might affect mi plant?


Day 33 Flowering

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Coming along nicely :slightly_smiling: