My first journal. Ak47 & zkittlez autos

So I’m doing a ghetto grow because i cant afford everything that would make it a great grow. But i know what I’m doing, for the most part, lol. I’ve got some FFOF coming in tomorrow. I’ve got some smart pots and I’ve got DE for pests. I’ve got a garage with an area I’ve cleared and the plants sit I’ve got a light I got from a friend and my own light. But honestly not sure how good either is, but they seem to work okay. I’ve got ph up and down to balance my water. I’ll be getting the fox farm trio for nutes before the 6 weeks is up from the ffof. I just dropped 1 ak47 and 1 zkittle, both autos and both from ILGM into some water to germ. Tomorrow when the frog comes in I’m gonna get them into their pots and start going from there. So this will be the first entry and I’ll enter again when they start popping out of the soil and I’ll post some pics. Wish me luck!


So the ocean forest came in a day early. I’m so excited. Just waiting on the seeds to sprout some tail so I can put them in their mediums and go from there.

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Excited to see, I’m growing my first zkittlez

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I’m super excited. I cant wait for the seeds to start growing their tails so I can plant them and start this! Lol