My first indoor grow


Are those lower leaves?


Yes@dbrn32 all on the lower


If it’s on the lower level, more than likely it’s just fan leaves that are naturally dying off. As you continue farther along in flower your fan leaves are going continue to yellow. @Smokinnuggs


got this cheap cheap workin out the bugs clips to the phone


hello to all just finished 4th week of flower thanks to all that got me this far they are eating a gallon of feed every 4 days time to start up the filter getting sticky stinky cant wait for the finish line




Hello @JD419WhyWait that manifold looks like the shit ,i only topped these one time and put the smack down onem with the lst dont know how light i was on the training side lol but mine are at 15 inchs first indoor grow for me but this shits amazing


Yeah plant training can become addicting haha. I love doing it, and chose a organic living soil for nutrie ts this grow. Just add to soil, and grow. Don’t even have to pH my water. Its about 6.8 to 7.0 from the tap. I use that time to plant train when I can. For my auto seeds im getting for free. I can’t do all the training i prefer, so will do to them. What i did to tue girls in flower now, but much younger. Just lst the main stem about 90 degrees, and use a plant stake to hold over. I wint have to top, but all the bud spots will be exposed to the light, and not covered by the plant height. Just keep lat around the pot, and then let the growth go vertical, and the main stem stays horizontal.


Might give that a try on my next run these blue dream can be beasts they say would really run some straight couch lock due to the no sleep forever and the knee and back pain that manifold looks addicting


Thanks its my first manifold, and i have 3 more two weeks behind her. They’re only a few days at the most. To get their last toppings to give me 8 colas. I’m looking forward to some couch lock. Have an end of the night smoke to pass out to sounds great to me lol. The dreamy mix pack will no dont be awesome to grow.


If you stretch those branches out, you’ll get much better light penetration. I had three girls stretched out to fill almost a 3x4 tent. These were my first grow, and stretched all the way out for a flat canopy. I defoliated week 1 of flower as well.


Flipped these the 13 of January that’s halfway according to my math wich by the way isn’t worth a shot

stinky girls


Looking really good.


What lenses did you get.


It’s a growers edge universal cell phone illuminated microscope with clip. 60x has a white light and a blue light also .Picked it up at the local grow shop we have here…Don’t know how good it is I’ve seen much better,but it was only 10 bucks so it serves its purpose


another pic of her trichs what a difference10 days make finally have to install filter


The other cat is waiting to see if it safe to get some too. LOL


So true they sit at the door and howl because I won’t let them in the room anymore sticky and stinky lol


My cats favorite spot.