My first indoor grow


How about 260w v1 i see they are sold out of the v2 and whats the differnce with those? Also looks like the 550v2 would be a good choice?would need maybe e 260 with it to take up the slack.totaly new to the indoor but have already spent on the blurple and ive seen the amazing job these lights are doing for all of you so im in i have a 2 k budget for lighting and want to get it right this time around@dbrn32


@dbrn32 post must be…


The v2 boards are more efficient than the v1 boards. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter how you get there. You could do several 260 kits or a few 600 kits. There are slight differences and benefits from one to the other. But 10 boards is pretty much 10 boards.


Ok thanks a million wont be ready till the first week of march just trying to get stuff lined up thanks again


Any thoughts on fgi 700 watt light panel i know nothing about it looks interstng


Not familiar with it


Im going with. 2 600s maybe a lirtle over kill but can always use the light!!


Two 600’s will do well.


i think these buds are going to stack like crazy




26 days since the flip doing great


Hey @monkman @DrNoobThumb this is my little grow going 2 blue dream if it wasnt for this community i would never got this far


looking good @Smokinnuggs


Nice man. I’m starting to freak out because those brown spots seem to be spreading


Im gonna go back through the journal and find some help


red red red


hello @Covertgrower @Missiles any idea whats going on here its showing on a few leaves on both plants i think they arent getting good light peneteation


buds are filling in nicely tho


I’m not too sure. Let’s see if @dbrn32 or @MattyBear knows :wink: