My first indoor grow


He’s got it going on for sure don’t get to see him to often bout a80 mile drive each way just an old school hippie farmer lol love em to death he broke me in on the outdoor program went to indoor about10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since indoor has got me flustered if I make it through this first one I’ll b ok hope I don’t stroke out first lol thanks for the props couldn’t of got this far without you and everyone else’s help major love to all


You are so welcome. I would have never made it through my first grow without all the wonderful people here! It is truly amazing :blush:


yay had a few spots but hit em with some cal mag all is well


yay had a few spots but hit em with some cal mag all is well


yay had a few spots but hit em with some cal mag all is well


first week of flower done hit em with some more tea today going to look around for some bloom enhancing nutrients any suggestions trying to stay organtic



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better lighting


They are looking really good. You’re doing a great job :grinning:


I can’t believe one topping and the lst gave me that many bud sights this indoor stuff is crazy lol


It is crazy isn’t it! I’m loving it :grin:


Heater went out in the tent this morning dropped to47 degrees the high today is going to hit a whopping7 degrees with wind chill of an amazing - 40 to - 50. So moving the girls upstairs hope all is well they were sad this morning when I checked em got em moved and they are perking right up fingers crossed


think they are going to be ok had a few of the lower leaves turn yellow just plucked them off temp is stable now we just hit-23 on outside temp that’s without the wind chill boooo


girls are standing at attention this morning the cold didnt harm them i guess no frost on em yet wtf


Ordering a new tent today. 77x77x77 going to be running the quantm boards after seeing the results of all the people using them here any suggestions about the 288 how many


Nice choice. @dbrn32 will be able to answer that😉


All of those measurements are in inches? So like 2 meters by 2 meters?


Yes sir @dbrn32 im across the pond so 6feet 5 inch all around


That’s a big tent! Off top of my head like ten 288 boards. Would vary on what kind of light density you’re looking to have. You could probably get by with 8, and some people may tell you something like 12.