My first indoor grow



Looks genetic to me…


That’s what I was hoping everything else looks ok on them thanks for the reassurance


sneaky cat


LOL she thinks it’s her catnip


day 8 since12/12 flip starting to show her first flowers yaaaaaaay


She sure is :grin:


Time to break out the pushup bras LMAO


LOL maybe for a little bit but after probably another month she won’t need them. She can go free flowing lol


Too funny can’t wait thanks for the help also this has been a nerve racking experience can’t wait to get my hydro set-up and running time to :smoking:


Anytime! When you get it up and running you’ll have to show it. Enjoy your smoke :wink:


Will do 9 to 10 weeks of flower for these2 girls then going to start on the other


sorry for all the pics just being a proud papa


You should show them off :wink:. They’re beautiful. my new grow are just seedling so I’m not really showing them they’re boring LOL. Actually I’m waiting for a new light to come in next week and then I’ll start a new journal.


Can’t wait to see em good growing to you i love this site


I know I love this site to! I have learned so much since I’ve joined here.


it’s been11 days since I flipped the ladies, they just started showing flowers 3 days ago. so does that mean I should be in the first week of flower right they are busy busy blue dream girls I’m going to have to get a larger hat from my head swelling so far so good yippee


Haha we will get you a sombrero if they have to :wink:. They are looking really really good. I have heard so many good things about blue dream. It is definitely on my list of must try.


A good friend of mine gave me these two they are clones it’s a very good sociable smoke the first half the second half relaxing I highly recommend her pun intended he’s working on a cross of god bud and sumthin wont tell me the other parent what a butt head huh


Sounds like your friend know what he’s doing. Your plants do look wonderful!