My first indoor grow


Now the fun begins :wink:


On their way to woman hood as of 5 oclock central standard time lol


Woohoo we love womanhood :wink:. Means lots of buds to come!


day3 of12/12 standing at attention


They are looking really good :wink:. You’re doing a great job!


All I have fed them is a compost tea and hit em with some cal mag was wondering about anything I should give now that they are on their way to flowering


Can you refresh my memory and tell me what kind of soil your using?


It’s called baby bu’s biodynamic compost potting soil also have bu’s brew compost tea does one heck of a job in the garden so I thought what the hay I’ll give it a try with the girls


Okay let me tag some people in that may be familiar with it and let you know if you should be feeding :wink: @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410


Thank you @Missiles


@Smokinnuggs not really sure on when to feed, because the company doesn’t say how much of anything it adds. It does mention it’s made of mostly coco coir, with added nutrients. I see you’re in flower, and you haven’t had any deficiencies yet, so you might be good. Some flower boosters might assist in better flower production, so it’s your call.
I’m hesitant to say follow soil schedule, because it is primarily made of coco. My gut says your ph should follow hydroponic schedule, because of the amount of coco in it. So 5.5-5.8 ph. I would wait for some others to chime in on this one. @Missiles


Just looking back its been31 days since I transplanted them so they should be okay don’t ya think I’ve been at6 to 6.2 on my ph should I drop it down a bit or just don’t pet a sleeping dog???


LOL this is too funny :joy:


A lot of people seem to be successful running ph around 6 on soilless grows. If you’re being successful I wouldn’t see any reason to change.

You’ll want some sort of flowering blend to feed. It can be in form of a tea, powder, or liquid bottle. Most companies will offer something that covers basic plant needs through flowering stage.


O.k. just ordered a new light it was just80 bucks to get me a little more umph for the flowering it’s a roleandro 400 watt cob no clue on the actual draw from the wall but that’s going to be really close for50 watts per square foot for my tent if i get at least120 watts from the wall ill be good to go.on the light im currently using it has separate veg and bloom switches I’m running both at the same time is that ok to do or should I just be running the bloom. Hmmm


If you’re running a regular LED light and your plants are that far along you can run both I’m pretty sure. I know I run mine both once they’re flowering. But we’re going to check with the expert @dbrn32 :wink:


Turn and burn with both switches on during flower for sure. A lot of them are fine to run with both switches on for entire grow as far as spectral distribution goes. But if you can run veg only and have enough power, may as well take energy savings.


Thanks @Missiles and@dbrn32


Anytime my friend :wink:


Can’t seem to get rid of these purple stalks