My first indoor grow


If it wasn’t for all of your guys input these ladies would of croaked thanks to all you don’t know how much me and the wife appreciate you all


Great job on the scrog!! Very nice :wink:


First one only cut my self twice lol I’m a butcher by trade haven’t nicked my self in3 years must be better at cutting meat instead of string


Still can’t figure out how to tag people for a personal thank you illiterate with these phones all I have when I replying to post is a heart,chain looking thingy a pencil and3 dots lol


If you want to tag someone just put @ in front of their name and it’ll tag them. Like @Smokinnuggs :wink:


@Missiles. I feel really really special needs now


No no don’t feel like that. It just takes some time to get used to the forum :wink:


No stopping me now


LOL well if I can help you out in any way just let me know :wink:


Thanks to @Covertgrower,@blackthumbbetty@JoshawaM,@seeddog @Myfriendis410,@Electric Jack,@Thcinke,@mattybear,@garrigan65,@dlbrn32 hope I didn’t leave any body out


Looking good! I want to point out a couple of things to watch for:

multiple plants in the screen are a problem. Every single person I know that has done that has regretted it. There will absolutely come a time when you need access to one plant without disturbing the others and it’s impossible while sharing a screen. Or at least very hard.

I would also suggest that the idea of the SCROG is to build a large canopy. If you put your plants in now and flip you won’t get the benefit of using the screen IMO. As an experiment it will tell you some good things though. That’s the cool thing: they’re YOUR plants! You can do anything you want!

All in all pretty plants; you are being a good dad.


I was told they would or could double in size I had them tied down so they were completely laid out@Myfriendis410.I also have access to both sides of my tent they completely unzip including the front of course so I see no problem with the accessibility so with the stretch that should fill the scrog what ya think


decided to just let one go on its own and tied the other back down


Got the pics in the wrong post any body ever use this stuff


here’s the smack down


sorry here’s the tea any one try this stuff??


got my green back hooray going to flip Fri


Finally got my run off at 6.5 ph was going to flip em yesterday but going to hold off one more week cannot get a ppm meter till next pay day overruled by the wife lol so was kinda waiting to see where I’m at with the ppms before I flip have no clue where them numbers should be any help would be greatly appreciated


Went ahead and made sure there would be no lights running in the tent also in the room just being over cautious idk first time doing this inside anyway switched the timer to 12/12 5 pm to 5 am total darkness here we go