My first indoor grow


What type of light do you have? And it looks a overwatered. Are you allowing her to dry out in between watering?
Have you fed her? @Smokinnuggs

Thanks for the tag @Missiles


I have a marshydro ll 700watt only pulling actually380 from the wall only watering once a week lift the pots to check how heavy so idk the soil im using is75 percent coco its called baby bu’s haven’t fed them anything but cal mag at5 ml to a gallon dont have a ppm meter going to buy one tomorrow checked the ph on the runoff and was at7


If I had to guess a part of the issue you’re seeing is from the high ph. I’m not a coco grower, but a ph around 5.8 seems to be more appropriate. You’re showing signs of burnt tips and a deficiency is what leads me to that.

I have no idea what your medium is amended with, but calmag is not a great stand alone veg bottle. I would look into something that provides more complete feeding and is designed for use in coco. Then apply calmag to that as needed.


Ok here’s a list baby bu’s biodynamic blend potting soil. 75% coconut coir , dairy cow manure, wood chips, straw, concentrations of yarrow, chamomile,velerian,stinging nettles,dandelion,oak bark,fir bark,perlite,worm castings,soybean meal,fish meal,fish bone meal,green sand,volcanic ash,kelp meal.demeter biodynamic certified no sewege sludge or bio solids no gmo’s that took me an awful long time to type lol


All signs point to ph. I’m not sure how all those ingredients interact with the coco, but if 75% of your medium is coco, you should be targeting 5.8 for your ph so the plant can uptake all the amendments you’ve added. @garrigan65 is a soil guru and maybe be able to tell you more about your mix :v::bear:


Thank you mattybear also have roots organtic buddah grow bloom and trinity have not used any of those as of now the soil was purchased that way didn’t mix on my own thanks again going to figure it out hopefully


If you use regular hydroponics nutrients or organic nutrients with coco coir, you’ll almost certainly see crop problems. By that logic, I used to avoid growing in coco coir, until I realized it was the fertilizers I was using and not the coco coir that caused my grow problems.
Growers using the wrong nutrient brands with their coco coir grow op report seeing growth, yield and potency problems, especially because coco coir tends to lock out magnesium and calcium crucial for photosynthesis and bud development in bloom phase.
Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow and pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow base nutrients contain pH-buffering features that eliminate the common problems growers experience when attempting to grow in coco coir with other nutrient brands.
These two base nutrient products eliminate coco grower problems because they contain the proper forms, ratios and amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium for cultivating in coco coir.
Before Sensi and Connoisseur pH Perfect coco coir base nutrients were on the scene, growers often struggled with nutrient-related problems that forced them to use cal-mag supplements that created more problems than they solved.
Growers also harmed their cannabis crops with repeated flushing, underwatering, overwatering, and trying different nutrient parts-per-million concentrations,.
Coco coir growers have reported faster-growing plants and bigger, more potent buds when they use pH Perfect coco coir hydroponic base nutrients that automatically balance water and root zone to the ideal 5.7 pH, so that crops easily absorb all the nutrient elements they need.
High-yielding bloom boosters in the Advanced Nutrients range of products are fully compatible with Sensi and Connoisseur coco base nutrients.
I especially recommend using Advanced Nutrients’ three beneficial microbes products Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula, because coco coir is an ideal host for beneficial microbial colonies that increase root mass, root function, root health, plant vitality and bud size.
Additionally, Bud Candy feeds carbohydrates to the beneficial microbes, while Big Bud Coco remains the only bloom booster engineered with proprietary ingredients to maximize bud development in marijuana growing in coco coir.
To summarize, Advanced Nutrients coco-specific nutrients coupled with quality coco will give you the following benefits:
⦁ Coco coir holds water well, so you use less water, and water plants less frequently.
⦁ Coco coir is an ideal host material for beneficial, root-enhancing microbes.
⦁ Coco coir can sometimes be recycled for use in multiple crop cycles. Use ⦁ Sensizym root cleaner to cleanse coco coir of ⦁ organic root zone debris so the coco can be safely reused.
⦁ The favorable oxygen/water ratios of coco coir provide more oxygen to roots and prevent waterlogging, which increases growth rate and bud yield.
⦁ Coco coir is a mostly inert medium that works well with hydroponics and organic nutrients. If you want to grow organically using coco coir, use the organic supplement ⦁ Iguana Juice, which is made specifically for cannabis and works well in coco.
There are many cannabis growers who won’t use anything other than coco coir. If you wish to emulate their success and enjoyment of cultivating using this medium, mastering the points outlined here will bring you closer to harvesting big, sticky, potent yields from your grow op.


Medicated,meditated,contemplated lol



Now that looks like a fun time :wink:


Happy New year to all


Happy New Year!


Gave them a good flush the31st think they are coming out of what ever it was



can’t wait to get this little project going just haven’t decided on the strain leaning really hard to the gold leaf need a good sleep aid any suggestions???


Only heard good things about Gold Leaf. Give it a go! :wink::v:


going to build the scrog today girls are getting a better color as of today never scroged before should I install the net then wait a while before putting them into flower I was told that blue dream has a crazy stretch my tent is39x39x70


Scrog is done the girls are doing much better Going to hit em with some tea and install srog tomorrow want to flip em to flower fri