My first indoor grow


Coco based grow mediums seem to require near daily watering/feeding. Some water/feed once or twice a day, even! I am not a coco grower, myself, so I don’t know all the ins and outs.


Thank you @blackthumbbetty😉


Thanx to you wonderful people checked the bag was just curious of the ratio of the blend and wouldn’t you know wasn’t on there it’s called baby bu’s biodynamic compost potting soil the wife uses it in her gardening and crazy so I thought what the hay from what I can tell they just need more water just a little gun shy don’t want to drown my girls also hope you get unstuck lol


LOL I am I’m free now :wink:. Also I usually tried to lift the pot to see if it’s lighter I don’t know if that’ll help you any. if you’re still unclear we can tag some other people and see if anyone’s familiar with your soil.


Just found out the blend it’s 75% coco 25% biodynamic blend so just going to up the watering schedule about the nutrients going to wait a week but from what I’ve read about blue dream is that they are very heavy feeders going to start probably 1/4 dosages and go from there fingers crossed


That sounds good you should always start out at 1/4 of the strength until you see how she handles it


One thing or another starting to get a lighter green now wtf showing a solid yellow leave just one small on the very top of the one girl that is new growth have not fed them anything but phd water at6.4 with5ml of cal mag per gallon don’t have a ppm meter yet took a reading of my run off and it’s reading7 on the button should I give a couple good flushes with straight ro water?


sorry to hear that. Do you have a picture of it that you can put up so someone can maybe diagnose it?


Will get some tomorrow have to make some space on this stupid phone either that or just over medicated lol


That sounds good. I’ll keep an eye out for them and we’ll tag some people and see if we can’t get it figured out. Have a good evening :wink:


Woke up this morning help

looks like nitrogen def you think poor girls


Better lighting to be sure @smokinnuggs


Closer look possible lockout and if is there any coming back from it



Is that the only leaf that had it on it? Is there any way you can get a pic of the whole plant?


The whole girl is like that see if i can bring em up the one one the right is worse but both are showing the same symptoms



@MattyBear :wink: @dbrn32 @Covertgrower Let’s see if we can get you some help


Well at least I’m on vacation thank you guys so much im trying to pull up a picture with the led on you can really tell the color differences