My first indoor grow





Looks like she is trying to beef up real good before it’s her time :wink:


They are hard as a brick bat !!! Very dense cant wait to see what them qb boards will do on my next run this is with the blurple think im going to order the L.A. confidential also havea few iced grapefruit


This is the first run I am doing under the QB’S and I’m anxious to see also! That iced grapefruit sounds good


Watching yours is making me wanting mine to hurry up. Lol


just one of the girls today gave them another flush with 2 gallon phd water 6.2 today is 9 and a half weeks have been told9 to 10 weeks to flower all trichs are cloudy very little amber around 5 % maybe so waiting not so patiently


I do believe it is harvest time either today or tomorrow yippee



I bought you a free gift :rofl:


Already have that thank you though a very thoughtful gift



Your plant looks great… and really, congratulations mate! They look solid


Thank you going to wait some more I’m at10% or so want a bit more amber


Couch lock huh :unamused:


For sure


made the decision can chop Saturday made it through the first indoor grow now just going to have to wait on the gummies