My first indoor grow


I’m worried they would poke holes in the tent i already jabbed3 holes myself lol to much medication i guess


When should you stop feeding and start the flushing so you can harvest


2weeks is what I’ve read. I think knowing when to start the flush will come with experience.


The 23 of march will be 10 weeks fot me . I’ve heard that the blue dream can run up to 11 to 12 weeks so I’m just going to watch the trichs was looking for at least 50% amber i like a little heavier hit fot nights.


checked on the girls this morning have alot of yellowing leaves trichs are like90 % :cloud: going to wait till50% amber so they might not take the full10 weeks


Whe wait is killing me. Lol.


here’s the trichs what’s you all’s opinions


Wish I had a better loupe


It’s hard to get a good pic. I can see great with my loop but can’t take a pic for crap.


hello to all starting to get a real good swell on the buds not to much longer 2 maybe 3 weeks doh!!! The wait is killing me ,so proud of myself haven’t even sampled the larf ,a very big thank you to all that got me this far




They look really great! There’s Trichs are nice and cloudy. Keep an eye on them they can turn pretty quickly :wink:


No amber yet not long tho


they got their swell on whoo hoo


Ok gave them second flush today 2 gallons each with just straight phd water at 6.2 trichs are at 100% cloudy wont be long now !!!


checked trichs today have a little amber just on the sugar leaves waiting patiently lol cant stand much more looking at them4. to 5 times a day it’s just like they were born again


Here’s mine @Guy had alot of issues first indoor grow for me every one on here was so helpful couldn’t of done it without them


Here ya go@Bubblehead @Bubblehead


Uploading: 20190314_160611.jpg… no amber yet but still getting their swell on