My first indoor grow


Ok all I had 2 blue dream girls gave to me,they have already been topped.The stems and stalks were completely purple.Was wanting to go dwc but my growing area was taken over by family members due to the holidays.So I have em in a place that’s kinda chilly.I just transplanted them into 5 gallon pots 2 days ago I’m using baby bu’s soil also hit em with a heavy dose of cal mag 1-0-0 from gh they are still drooping a bit its only been2 days tho .Should there be enough nutrients in the soil so I dont have to worry about any npk yet I have no clue

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Probably a little get you a ppm meter so u can keep a good eye on that, it would help to know the mix numbers of the soil an the stress from transplant will show for a few days


A PH meter and a PPM meter are must have items for a successful grow . Tip : when you take pictures turn off your purple grow light and use a camera flash to give us a better picture of the plants leaves . I wish someone would give me plants . :grin:


My guess is out of PH range causing nutrient lockouts and other issues. How about you fill this out and be as complete as possible. What kind of light, what soil, what high low temps, where your water comes from, what nutes etc.

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That drooping looks like it’s from over watering.
As far as how long will your plants last in your medium before needing food? Know your medium. I looked up Baby Bu and it’s Coco based, but it has a lot mixed in.

There may be some trial and error with a blend, but like everyone said: know your PPMs and pH. From there you can make better guesses


Don’t go cheap on your ph meter either spend the money and get a good one


Thanks so much for the turn in the right direction.I already have a ph meter it’s a HM ph-80 tests ph and temp don’t know how good it is but that was in my price range think it was a little over50 bucks when I watered them I phd to 6.4 .I haven’t used any nutes yet except cal mag used 10 mill for1 gallon of water. I’ve only had these for a week but they are showing new growth. Going to have to get ppm meter any suggestions


A better pic of the soil might be helpful, if you aren’t getting the whole medium wet and waiting between waterings( which it seems like you watered b2b) it could be just that, but they just look stressed so maybe get a seedling heat mat and see if that isn’t what they need first since you can only wait to water again


They are perking up a bit


I was going to flip these at the end of next week was told they are at9 weeks now.was wanting to try a scrog do you think it would be worth the effort never grown blue dream doesn’t it have alot of stretch they said9 to 10 weeks to finish???


Let the bondage begin my pimp hand is strong


Nice tie down Pimp :wink:


First time hope they will submit lol


Oh with plenty of persistence they will :wink:


Got alot of new growth thanks to all of you merry Christmas you and your families


Merry Christmas to you and your family also :wink:


How often should these be watered they seem to be wanting more and more was giving them half a gallon each once a week just to run off last time was3 days ago checked them today medium is dry to about2 inches from the top and the leaf is feeling kinda brittle have gave them no nutrients except cal mag


What kind of pots do you have them in? And what kind of soil?


I have them in5 gallon plastic don’t like the plastic but I only had3 gallon smart pots was told they can get big so I wanted to give them more root space drilled a bunch of holes in the side so it could possibly air prune the roots I’m using baby bu’s soil it’s a coco base and has a bunch of organic stuff supposedly if that’s any help


@blackthumbbetty can you help him with his watering question. My phone’s about to die and I’m stuck in my room lol