My first indoor grow with ilgm seed

Light is light. The bandwidth of the lights are what matter. Use all the combinations you want, just try to be blue wavelength dominant in veg, and red wavelength dominant in flower. I believe the ratios are 3:1 (blue:red in veg), and 1:3 (blue:red in flower).

Yes @DissidentPriest has given good advice
Yes you can a lot of people use the cfl as side lights and led as main depending on size
Also a full spectrum led is best for the plants
But spectrum is important as mentioned above


So I should use two cfl instead of the led ?

I think you will get way more light output for your money with led than fluorescent.

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You grow how you grow. The plant will grow in veg under a full spectrum LED. BUT, if the CFL are blue dominant wavelength, and you are in veg, then they will serve the plant better than a red dominant light at this time. The healthier and bigger your lady is going into flower, the less headaches and better rewards you will receive. Give your lady what she wants at all times. In veg she wants blue light, and in flower she wants red (and lots of it!!).

I use 8x 64W 225 (113 blue/112 white) LED panels in veg, totaling 512W. When I go into flower, I switch to 708W of full spectrum red dominant lighting.

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Thank to all to reply me. I did not write yesterday because of finished my daily reply as a new member.
For @garrigan62 yes you can send me link for your topic .

How can I obtain more number of reply I can write?
Can someone tell me​:laughing::laughing::laughing:?
I add some pictures of my plants .
They are at week 3 day 2 of flowering under 2x600w hps lights. The only problem is humidity when outside it is raining.this morning it was 75% in grow room. Is it better air vent exange off when outside humidity is higher than in room?
My room is very rudimental!!! My co2 is of aquarium set up manual on /of!!!
But my job is grower of ornamental plants in greenhouse and outdoor. Till now I grow baby only outdoor white great result. This indoor grow is a experiment because is illegal cannabis in my country. If you have some questions about plants i am very expert. But very new in indoor. And zero knowledge in idroponica. Ciao friends.

Remember these are 15 plants of ilgm seeds white widow cronic widow and girls scout cookies
Week flowering 3 day 2


@tammyjo yes I think you choose a good strain for your first grow. I think it is simpler and strong variety if you use good methods. How do you grow? Send some pics.
Sorry if I don’t write you later. It is because of it have limited reply number.

These are my new seedlings of ILGM
Amnesia , gold leaf , white widow and cronic widow.
Small ones in small pots are clones… hope monster cropping clones .
I cutted them from my flowering plants week 3
Have you idea if it is right time ?
They are under CFL 250 watt ,humidity don’t know exactly but think quite good,
temperature min 19°C
Max 24°Calabria
They are spray with rain water every hour (the clones).

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They are 3

read some topics. Read a lot of them. Like other peoples posts.

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Looking good @Teddy78[quote=“Teddy78, post:29, topic:9567”]
rain water every hour

Using rainwater is great!

What is the pH of your rainwater? The TDS is probably very low as well!

Pics are best posted with the correct orientation. A lot of the older guys like @Countryboyjvd1971 hurt their necks trying to turn their computer monitors so they can see those! :laughing:

And while we all agree that LED pics are really cool, we can’t tell if your plants are healthy or not unless the pics are under natural or white light.

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Sorry ,I have no instrument for ph at moment but sure it is around neutral valour. Orientation of my pictures is very bad!!!???:persevere::persevere:
You are right.
But my cabinet is in a very uncomfortable place on the bottom in a room full of wire and other things.
For the light of pictures I read to change setting balance of my smartphone camera to avoid hps problem. And I try to did so. Is it better turn off light and make photos?
Or during dark time make with flash?
Can flash disturb light cycle?
Till now I believe it is better no use flash. Give me info about this @bob31 !!! Thanks

ok, first thing @Teddy78 is never take me too seriously! LOL.

The pics are fine. Don’t want to use the flash or disturb them during the lights off cycle.

Are your girls Auto flowering or Photo period?

Your rainwater probably has a pretty good pH but I want to tell you that almost every problem we see here when trying to help someone is related to the pH of the water that they are using.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue at all for outdoor grows… but indoor grows, it seems to always come down to pH.

If you live where can deliver to then I can post an inexpensive meter as an example. If not then any growing store should sell them. Here in MA of US under $30 for a good meter. I paid $10 for mine

Really can I disturb dark cycle with flash? A single flash?
I don’t like me pictures really.
There are very beautifull in other posts!!!
Please give me a serious answer​:joy::joy::joy::joy:
Or anyones who know flash in dark cycle!!!
Can I open a topic on this question.
Sorry but I am new In forum and I know few

and now I am being serious.

You can post all of your questions here.

I don’t think it matters all that much, but when they go into flower they need 12 hours of solid darkness with no real light interruptions.

Are your plants auto flowering?

Thanks for info.
First of all I am a grower in greenhouse . Ph of my water in greenhouse is 7. I low it using nutrients with acid reaction or add citric acid to solution.
Trust me I use no more instruments for misurement but only sometimes a paper that colour change if phone is high or low. I don’t know English name of this paper but sure you understand and know it.
I spry plants with only rain water. For watering soil usually I alternate rain water and greenhouse water when possible. Otherwise I use citric acid .
But generally in pot grow I never had ph problem outdoor or in greenhouse.
Do you tell me indoor light grow can change plants requirements and change ph?
I use always professional soil

No if they were auto there were no problem I know.
They are photoperiod ones

They just seem to be more susceptible to issues when the pH isn’t correct. You sound like you have some experience. Just keep an eye on them and if you start to see problems on the leaves then you should check the pH of your water going in and of the runoff as well.

the paper for the ph test is litmus or pH paper but I know what you mean and I don’t think they are all that accurate.


Are your plants Auto flowering or Photo periods? If they are photos I would not recommend interfering with them in their dark period. If they are auto’s heck they will flower when they are ready and aren’t light dependent.

If you interrupt the light cycle of a photo you can cause them to revert from flowering back to vegetative state.

Thanks. I will no make flash!!! Pictures flash​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:.
Yes paper is not accurate. I will buy a ph meter soon. Till now I have no ph problem but it is better to prevent.
Only old leaves on bottom seem have some bad color. If I can today I use a different way for make pictures . I will find to read how.
Anyway thanks. I will write you often. For now I have limited number of replies in forum.
Ciao and thanks

High Teddy 78, I only bought the seeds , waiting for them to get in the mail. Wright now I am looking for soil, and lights, container. I want to be ready for them suckers come home.

@bob31 . What do you advise me in feeding plants in week flowering 3?
In veg I use 16.6.31 npk plus some alga or veg booster of mine with umics acid and other elements inside and some 1/2 dose during watering of ammonium nitrate.
When switched to 12/12 I didn’t flush soil but I used my 0.52.34 npk half dose.
Now I am increasing dose of a 0.30.20 from 0.8 ec to 1.5 ec.
I add always some algae liquid.
This is my schedule when I grew in greenhouse natural light. And before in next grow time I used a 13.5-0-46.2 potassium nitrate in natural greenhouse and I can be satisfact till now, using my own working nutrients.
What advise me now? I am in 3 week day 2.
Must I go on with phosphorus again?
What can I use?

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