My first indoor grow with ilgm seed

I grow 14 plants of white widow, cronic widow and girls scout cookies. I will upload pics later


These are before switch 12/12

These after 1 week in flowering



your garden looks great, what kind of soil are they in, what type lights?

keep us updated :grinning:!


I use professional soil kudras for ornamental plants PGMIX inside.
I use 1 mh 400w for veg first weeks
Than a 600w agro for last veg weeks.
Now in flowering I use the 600 watt agro plus a 600w hps.

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thanks for the info, we love information and photos…don’t be shy, keep us posted!

we love pets, too​:dog2::cat2:

I am new In forum.
I have only pics too high resolution .
I will add new ones when lights on with low resolution for able to upload.
I must learn how and what write in topics.
I never be in someone before today as member.
So sorry if I don’t be good writer or uploaded in first days

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we all speak ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA here, no problems,


What size of resolution do you advise me for pictures?

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I don’t know, but someone will, just visit your post here occasionally while reading others…there will be an answer, then we will both learn.

I checked one of my uploaded photos and believe resolution is 4000 x 3000 2.47 mb

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Welcome to ILGM

Your grow there looks very close to the way i grow. I would like to invite to to join us in my journal
that’s starting today’ I’ll be growing 14 plants all ILGM Auto-flowering plants. I’ll doing all kind’s of things
like cloning and making seeds and what ever else we can come up with.
Let me know and i’ll add you to the link


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Hey Teddy,I am also new to the forum. I just ordered my seeds 3 days ago. Trying to get all my ducks in a row to grow.Have you grown before? I got the super silver seeds I feel that is a right choice for myself.


For each post in a topic you have a limit of about 8MB, so, if you want to uploads multiples pictures, Latewood, site admin and designer, suggest me to edit them at 50% of my usual 1.5MB size pictures.

Hoping that respond to your question @Teddy78 , and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning: Nice setting and your plants look pretty healthy :+1: :ok_hand:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Thank you Niala😀~Al

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Hey @Teddy78 welcome to the sand box
No worries :wink: we are all here to help and will help guide you if you need
You can tag us by putting @ in front of a users name
And @kabongster is right we love pics and updates
And info even if it a bad experience we will share it to help understand the plants we love :+1:
Happy growing bro and looking good so far


And pet pictures!:dog::cat:

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You’re welcome kabongster :grinning:


…Like ^…


Can u use a cfl and an LED light at the same time in the plants ? Or would it confuse em .