My First Indoor Grow Start to Finish

Congratulations I’m so excited for you :grinning:


Thanks for the tag @repins12 and good luck :smiley:
This should be exciting


Happy to follow along.

Good luck

Thanks for the tag @repins12!
And happy anniversary @Oldguy!

Your 2 power strips have surge protection built in?

Is the fan that’s on your early plant oscillating or is it pointed away? Be sure to put a breeze on the plant to help make it strong and build roots.

You have almost everything covered.

I’m not sure what @merlin44 starting strategy is (can you enlighten us?) but seeing that your growing autos you won’t want to use those nets, save them for when you grow photos.

Do you have mykos for your soil?
Have you made sure your main pot is 20-30% perlite. Personally I put my happy frog and my ocean forest into a Tupperware bin and then add the perlite and keep it mixed then fill pots as I start grows.

I have never done a solo cup transplant with an auto but be sure your very careful and do it when the leafs pas the edges of the cup.

You may want to look into an inkbird humidity/temperature controller, you can set it to control your exhaust fan to only vent when heat rises and use the other plug to run a humidfior until the RH rises above X point.
If your not running your fan all the time this will allow RH to build as otherwise its a struggle Durring the start because of how little humidity there is piled with the fan venting it out.
The controller will also help later in flower you can plug a dehumidifier into it and only turn it on when it gets to humid etc. It will really help you control your environment alot better.

If you don’t already have one this is my recommendation


I have never grown an auto…no help here.

@repins12 it looks like you are cooking with gas now…you also have an army of folks to help if needed.


Autos are just about timing. Signals to show you’re getting closer to flowering, and then actual pistils when you are. Knowing when to give them flowering nutrients is key. I would suggest approximately 2 weeks after you see preflowers. You’ll be good.


Reading your soil runoff PPM/TDS will determine when to feed :wink:

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The inkbird are great I hear (haven’t been home to set mine up) and have a great manual, the AC infinity series was a bit confusing but still gives alot of control that’s the one I have been fighting with. Set it to 24c and it keeps my tent at 31c sooo I’m going home tomorrow and going to try and figure it out (wife is operating it now).

Sounds like your set aside from thr RH struggle, it’s real I’m right there with you. If your home lots you can spray the walls of your tent and try to raise it. Definitely need a humidfior running though and the one I showed you I believe is a beast although I haven’t ordered it yet myself.

The controller helps with the RH but if you go to a 2nd hand store you can probably pick up 2 humidifiers cheap, run one outside the tent nest the intake and one inside the tent.


Thanks for the tag! Set to watching good luck :four_leaf_clover: I try to feed my autos veg nutes through the stretch to get them bigger.

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I am using a half gallon tub as a scoop…the size of the batch is not too important, it only important to have a consistent mixture and ratio.

I’m new and have no clue but with all these journals, it makes me feel more comfortable with the process and lots of experienced guys and gals on here to help out. @dbrn32 helped with the light, @imSICKkid grow journal helped make my decision that I could try this.


The hardest part for me is the waiting. Especially when I’m about 2-3 weeks from harvest…


Go buy a few grams from a buddy, that way you will have some weed to smoke. Leave the ganja alone until it’s time! So many people cut prematurely.


RH should be measured in mid air somewhere away from soil or water. You are measuring the moisture evaporation from the pot not the average amount of moisture in the air. The air is what matters.

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1000 w metal halide is a pretty hot light! Are you heating your house with it too? If you have a decent filter there’s no reason not to pump the hot air back into the house.

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Thanks! I got lost :rofl:

im set to watching and am so happy for you but 60 posts in a new thread in a week…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: its going to be a hectic one… :grin:


its good we need somewhere to chat, just going to be a lot of posts… :grin:


@repins12 the one thing I can say got sure rep is to stay ahead of the pitch/game. I’ve been playing catch-up since I started. Frankly without this forum, :thinking::crazy_face::sob: is where I would be. But I’m sure you know, your first indoor, not your first like mine, anyways, good luck, stay focused, stay positive, and most of all, get stoned and have goin with it. Luck on your side broh, :v::crossed_fingers::100: