My First Indoor Grow Start to Finish

This is my first attempt a an indoor grow from start to finish. I have grown my fair share guerilla style in the past. I have only dabbled with indoor, mostly just to get a jump on plant size or later on to determine sex before taking them up the mountain and putting them in the soil. I would appreciate anyone’s help, advice or suggestions along the way as this will definitely be a learning experience for me. I am assembling my tent at the moment so, here we go. I will list everything on a later post. Excited about getting this up and running


Good luck with this. I too was always an outdoor grower and only started indoor a year ago.
Following for sure. :+1::v:


@Oldguy, Thanks. I have tried to obtain as much knowledge form this forum as possible and everyone has been a tremendous help. Now it’s time to either s**t or get off the pot. I am sure with the help of everyone on this forum, I will be successful sooner or later.

This is what I am starting with, the rest not circled in red are the seeds I will be growing in the future, some outside in the spring. Plus I have this 00 Bubble Gum that’s a little over or not quite 5 weeks old. I can’t remember the exact date.

That photo was taken on the seventh. I will list everything that I am using once I get everything together.


I just took this a few minutes ago

It’s under cheap Wally world lights but not for long


Shoulda cut the light off, it doesn’t really have the yellowish tint, I see in the picture


Set to watching. Good luck with your first indoor! :+1:t3:

Thanks. I’m gonna do my best.


Good luck looks like you’re off to a great start.

Great start with healthy looking plants.

Only have the one right now kinda jumped the gun on planting it. Just dropped 5 more seeds.


My very first grow (circa 1980) was under 3 18" fluorescent tubes available from pretty much any store. Those 3 lights sustained its whole life-cycle and it turned out to be a female and was some killer weed for the times.

I failed to put gloves on for the harvest. I got all that stickiness on my hands and was stoned for 2 days from just harvesting it. I got about an ounce from it. Kept a little for myself and gave most of it to a brother-in-law.


You know I’m watching, not that I can be much of a help. good luck, and I hope to see giant nugs being harvested in the end.

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Watching and rooting for a strong grow

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Thanks @That_one_guy, the more the merrier. Hopefully we both can pick-up some pointers or some I now know how to not do that’s along the way. Once I finish getting everything put together, I will list everything that I am doing. I am trying to take my time so, I don’t have to keep taking things back apart or moving things around. @FlxerPower, damn you bring back memories, I started growing outdoors in the mid to late 70’s, closer to later 70’s myself. @basementstealth, welcome aboard and thank you. Gotta get back at it


Good morning everyone. Got everything up and running yesterday and am still working out a few bugs. My one little girl spent her first night in her new home and seemed to have survived the night.

She seems so alone in there by herself, she will soon have 5 sisters joining her. As of last night 2 seeds and possibly a third had already cracked in the shot glasses, haven’t checked yet this morning. Still shaking off the cob webs.

Here is the list of things that I am using:
1-60x60x80 tent, 5-5gallon cloth pots (I also have 10,15,20and 25), will probably use the larger 3 for outdoor grow in spring, 8-scrogg nets (in case I decide to go that way), 2 dozen adjustable ratchet hangers (overkill), 1-1,000 watt MH/HPS 6" air cooled enclosed fixture with a dimmable ballast (I know that I should have gone LED but, just couldn’t swing it right now), 1-8" fan/carbon filter (with speed controller), 2-6" inline fans with speed controllers, 2-vivosun 6" clip on oscillating fans, 4-timers (only using 1 at the moment), 2-power strips, 1- digital thermometer/hygrometer with 3 sensors, 10- mini digital thermometer/hygrometers, 2 pack jarlink 60x illuminated jewelers eye loupe (for when I misplace one, I know how I am), 1-apera PH20 PH tester, 1-apera EC20 EC tester, 1-digital infrared laser thermometer, PH up, PH down, PH calibration solution (4.01 and7.0), EC PPM calibration solution, GH calimagic, Advanced Nutrients sensi grow parts A&B (in case I need it), Advanced Nutrients sensi bloom parts A&B, as well as Advanced Nutrients big bud and bud candy.
For soil, I have:
3 cubic feet of Fox Farms Ocean Forest, 4 cubic feet of Fox Farms Happy Frog and a bag of Fox Farms Light Warrior (for my seedlings in solo cups), 30 pounds of worm castings and 4 cubic feet of perlite. I intend to use @merlin44’s mixture for each soil component except for the Fox Farms Light Warrior, in this type of configuration:

and will use @Carol4486’s trick and put an empty solo cup in the pot when filling to make transplanting that much easier as my seedlings will be growing in a solo cup full of Light Warrior already.
The strains that I will be growing, all auto-flower are:
00 Bubble Gum (already growing, kinda jumped the gun on)
Big Bud
Purple Haze and
Blackberry Gum
Anyone’s thoughts, comments, suggestions, advice or criticisms (what I may be doing incorrectly), will be greatly appreciated. This will be my first complete indoor grow from start to finish. I am pretty well versed in outdoor growing, after many years of trial and error, I learn several ways of how not to do things again and how I might want to do things in the future every outdoor grow even after many years. I hope that this doesn’t seem like a book but, I wanted to make sure that y’all had all of the information and I am sure that I have missed a few things that I have but, was trying to be as thorough as possible. I am also very sure there are several things that I have overlooked and look forward to discovering what they are. Well I reckon, I no longer need to sh** or get off the pot. I’ve jumped in with both feet as I always seem to do. I am so thankful that I found this forum and with a little luck and help from y’all, I’ll get through it. Damn, sorry again for being so long winded.


Looks like you’ve got all ur bases covered.Let the grow officially begin. . :grin::+1::v:


@Oldguy, Thanks, I tried to be as prepared as I could before I started setting everything up. I wanted to try to keep things to operator error not equipment error. We’ll see how it goes. Still having a little trouble getting everything working in unison. Can’t seem to get my temperature where I want it, right now it is running around 80-83 F on average with lights on. I have some other ideas to work on the temperature. I am waiting for the stores to open now. Is this too high of a temp?


I try to run mine 82 lites on. 72 lites off.
I’ve had as high as 89 on a warm day spike. But that was just a reset on the fan control. (Mechanical timer )
But my rh is hard to get above low 30s. And it’ll sometimes drop into the 20s.
Think I’m gonna have to get a humidifier.


@Oldguy happy cake day!!


I’m in that range :+1:, I am having the same issues with rh right now also