My first indoor grow NOT sure if seeds are autoflower but its going well!

Hello there, i just signed up after using this website for months to get help from the forums since i am no master grower but today i decided to actually join and see where this goes!
i am so sure i will get good advices and support :smiley:

so my i have collected a few seeds from the weed i used to buy and smoke. not sure what strains were they but i am guessing Sour diesel or Amnesia haze?
after germinating them i put them into cups and left them next to the window and
2 have died and 2 survived :blush:

Anyways i have bought a 50W LED Lamp (Couldnt afford anything else plus i do not live in US or anywhere where i have many choises).

Input Wattage: 50W
Input Voltage: AC100-277V
Brightness: 6,000Lumens
Lumen Efficacy: 120LM/W
Color Temperature:6500K(Daylight White)
Color Rendering Index(CRI): 90+
and i run this 50W led 20hrs and leave it in the dark for 4hrs
i have a 50Fhz/40w fan that i aim at them for 10hrs a day to
(Read online that it helps stems get stronger and flexible)

Attached it inside of my closet and made a box as a grow place (ill post the pics here)
i do not have a filter and all that fancy stuff and i dont care about the smell because it is weed afterall not something nasty.

This is a picture i took day 20.
one plant was growing bigger and faster than the other
but now its the opposite for some reason?

today is 29/4/2020 and my plants are around 40 days old i think.
and here are 3 pictures i just took!
i moved them as you see to be exactly under the light.
not sure if that helps but noticed they were growing taller
last 3 days and idk if they DONT get taller if i bring them closer to LED
(Plus i do not want them to get a lightburn!!!)

Also here are closeup HDR pictures of both plants.
(The one in the green bottle looks more healthy and green why?)
i water them once every 3 days sometimes 4 days.
(i have overwatered them 2 weeks ago and the one in the pot got yellowish so i stopped doing that and put it in the sunlight for whole day then changed the soil and did not water it as much after…lesson learned! rooth need to breathe!).

First of all do these 2 look like female plants or i can not find out because it is tooearly?
also…i wanna know do they look ok and healthy and when do i start topping
or bending them for low stress training
and how far should my LEDs be? and what are your thoughts on 50W white LED>
Thank you all in advance and i will be updating you with pics untill harvest :smiley:


I am a new grower also, so wait for others to chime in. I would say they are definitely not autoflowers or they would be further along already. And you will still have to wait a bit to see if they are male or female. You can’t tell early on. Good luck!

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I grew two plants with a corncob 50w led from Atwood’s. It made almost 2 Oz’s. It’s not far enough along. Eventually those braches that come out across from one another will start staggering. That’s the sign of sexual maturity. Then the sex parts will form.

Could seeds that come from weed you smoke be autoflower even? or you only by those online

oh wow that is more than 50 grams! where i live this is considered too much to have hahaha. did you weight them dry or?? and may you please explain your light cycle and what else did you do to grow so much with only 50W led? because many online growers have been telling me the 50w is so little it might produce only about 2-3 joints worth of buds!!!
i am quarentined and havent smoked in 5 months so you could see how excited i am already :smiley:

I vegged and LST for six months lol. I used MG pellets with a 6 mo time release because it was all I had. I’d always used MG for guerilla grows 17 years ago. I found out not to use time release so I let it veg for 6 mo to let the nitrogen time release pellets expire. I like your name. My Madden handle on ps2 was Deese_Knutz

hahaah thanks.
and i thought you grew in soil cuz idk anything anything about other things to grow in ;3
also did you use any chemicals or nutrients to get that much yeild?

UPDATE: Forgot to mention!
i do not use bloom or veg chemicals or anything,theyre unavailable where i live plus that i know nothing about nutrients! is it possible to get good yeild with only watering them with water or nutrients are a must for cannabis grow? im tryna stay all natty

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welcome ! You might look at chicken manure High in nitrogen. It is considered pretty hot. Also might look at cow manure. Just my thoughts if you don’t have anything else available. good luck

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I was in soil at that time with the mg added. I used fish emulsions available at almost any big box store and for flower I used PK booster from Amazon. Where are you located?

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i live in Bosnia…weed here is illegal…you can buy it if you have connections but there are only 2 strains mybe skunk and albanian shwag (both are horrible quality and barely give you a buzz).
also i can not order from ebay amazon etc that is why i made my own grow box since i can not get a tent and i bought this light lamp from a light shop and that is the best option i found…
i am not planning to sell i dont wanna end up in jail and i havent told anyone not even close friends about this grow (and probably wont) i just wanna store this weed and use it personally with no drama you know what i mean…cuz finding good quality weed here is almost impossible that is why i havent smoked in 4-5 months xD


Yeah if you have any kind of gardening store they should have fish emul. @Mrcrabs @garrigan62
@Myfriendis410 have any organic recipes?

There are some really good organic growers out there who have recipes for various teas for cannabis stages of life. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one or I’d pop a link up for you. You can find them in search results I’m sure.

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Crabs sent me a link last year to every compostable household waste for making tea and the npk values. Trying to find it.


Very cool reference to have!

My dude! Lol. Perfect


Would this work for ya…

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i have topped both plants and im giving 18hr light and 6hr dark
(Will leave them in vegging stage for 3-4 more weeks i think)
before i switch to 10 hr light and 12hr dark for flowering
(or do i stick to 12/12?)

here is a pic and i noticed the one in the pot is really slow growing meanwhile the one in the bottle is loving the topping and is growing fast!