My First Indoor Grow Need Help

This is my first indoor grow any help would be much appreciated right now I have it growing in a window until I can get a proper set up at the end of the month ![image|374x500](upload://r5


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It’s a Master Kush clone btw


Looks nice and green :grinning:

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Looks wonderful! Have you topped or fimmed her at all?

Thanks guys and i only cut a small branch off when I transplanted it into the bigger container otherwise it would have been covered in dirt I haven’t done anything other then that yet

What’s the medium? Appears to have worm castings and what else?

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Compost, manure and sphangum peat moss.
And the nutrients levels are

Is it normal for her to get a little droopy at night when she’s not getting light?

Welcome to the forum! Looks like you’re off to good start. Plenty normal for them to droop a little.

My cat got at one of my bigger leafs should I just cut it off or let it try to repair itself?

Its not gonna repair itself. Leave it. If it bothers you, cut that finger back, or just rip that finger off.

Thanks man, I’ll probably just leave it

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Just a quick update still haven’t been able to get lights yet so she’s still just growing in the window

@dbrn32 could you point me in the right direction for the size of tent and light I’ll need for 3 plants ( average with some give left in mind)

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A 2x4 is pretty good for 3 plants on quick flip

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@dbrn32 any suggestions on what kind of light I should invest in ?

Did you decide on tent size? For a 2x4 the qb 260xl kit is a nice efficient light for that space.

I was thinking maybe a bigger tent so that I can do 4 at a time and another question when I top my plant a second time do I top the growth that replaced the first one or wait till the the next growth up ?