My First indoor grow first time Train wreck

Something like 2 - 260xl kits I think that would be nice for 5’… Those are just plug n play super easy. That will start the conversation off…

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THE highest yielding technique is using an ebb and flow tray populated by a Mother plant. 36 clones in a 3 X 3 space, root them for 2 weeks then flip to 12/12 and flower out managing for one cola each. You can realistically expect 2 1/4 pounds every (roughly) 2 1/2 months.

HLG is the admitted king of LED’s but @Bogleg went with CHILled Logic if I’m not mistaken: you should perhaps look at what they have as well.

Once you have a set of gucci lights you can’t imagine using anything else.

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I 100% agree.

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I bought lights from Budget Led. Excellent lights they produced nice dense buds. This has a 4.5x4.5 Flower footprint.


I chose the ChilLED light because I like how modular the Growcraft line is. I think any of the latest and greatest light spectrum - whether it’s Samsung Hort, Spydr Fluence, Chilled, etc. are all pretty similar. I expect to expand into a 5x5 growing space, so wanted a light I could cover if needed. If I like this one (which I am sure I will) I will likely get another one.

I really like their power bus design. Can’t beat the efficacy on this thing, and if I want to bump it up to a 1000w fixture it’s just changing out the driver.


If your smoking a 1/4lb a month…
You need to run about 16 autoflowers at an average of 3oz a plant that have a finish time of 3 months seed to harvest.
Now if you Run them in soil less medium you will get more than 3oz ussualy, I would recommend autopots regardless of what you do autos or photos.

Photos yeild big but take longer to grow so sorta depends on your turn around time but your going to need St least 16 plants.

At that large of a grow you definitely want to build your own lights… Otherwise go with kingbright off Alibaba.
HLG are the best but expensive and kingbright or a couple other Alibaba manufacturers are the closes you’ll get to affordable with amazing results.
Again I strong suggest you build your own.

Each plant needs at least 2x2 if photos probably more space.

I’m Canadian as well I have a 2x4 tent and a 3x3 I run 4 plants, probably could squeeze two more but really should babe just got 2x 4x4 tents to run 8 plants comfortably.

You will be spending alot more then 1000$ on lights, I spent like 1600 for my grow but could probably switch my 3x3 for a 4x4 and thus run 6 plants.

So yeah 6 plants = 1500$ in lights unless you make your own.

FYI - that Growtech light I have was $900, but there are four rail versions that will more than adequately flower a 4x4 for $700. To give you an example of the flexibility of the platform, if I want to turn that light into a pair of superballer 2x4 lights, I would need to spend $60 on a 2’ power board and 2’ side rails (and of course get different drivers).

We’ll see if it’s worth it in the end - my goal is to get to a less expensive monthly bill, so I don’t really want to run the fixture at full power. I am using this new light to replace three 200W COB rails that grew pretty decent results.


We’re finding out that moderate power gives best results. I don’t run my fixtures above 80% output because it’s not necessary.


Set to watch! :wink::sunglasses:


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I seem to have given one of the girls a little light burn., but I think I caught it in time.

Here is an updated picture at week 4 of blooming.

I’ve moved them into a 5x5x7.5 tent and have 2x 300 actual watts 2 plants per light Mars Hydro TSL2000.


Great looking plants. I guess I don’t see the light burn you are referencing.


Yeah I didn’t see any light burn either.:thinking: Those are some good looking girls :wink::fire:

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I think it’s was Here is a closer look you can see the yellow leaves in the back ground and a couple of I think singed hairs, and brown tips or is this normal when in flower ?

it was mostly one plant which is odd when two are under the same light. It must be just a bit taller


Pistils will darken and recede during flower. I think the yellow leaf is something else. It looks to be shaded by other leaves. Do you have a picture of entire plant?

Looks like the buds are just sucking out the nitrogen that’s left in the leaves. What are you feeding? Hairs will start turning brown which is fine. How close are you to harvest?

I am about 4-5 weeks to go to harvest it is week 4 day 6 today since I flipped to 12/12.
This is my first indoor grow. Using advanced nutrients micro grow and bloom with big bud did use voodoo juice when I should. I can’t find b52 will be starting overdrive next week. Does anyone know what is in b52 or what I can use instead?
Here We go they are awake now. Here she is

the yellowing leaves are not dry or brittle except a tiny bit on the ends. I raised the lights And dialled back the power a little 2 days ago. Have been watching closely the other two just got there new light. I just turned it up to where I have the other one now. Started off lower so it could adapt gradually over a couple days. Will check in a couple hours
Sisters seem ok so far same lights same water same food same air just separate pots

What is this


When there is not enough potassium in the plants system, the leaves will begin to turn a bright yellow and will die. This is easily fixed by first checking to make sure you’re using the correct pH. If you are, then you’ll want to add a nutrient into the mix that is high in N. Note that if you are getting close to harvest, your fan leaves will naturally turn yellow as the buds will pull the nitrogen out of them for one last boost in growth, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about!

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Looks like a pistillate calyx, it’s fine

PH was 6.3 I’m growing in soil I’m using RO water using 5ml/ 1L of each base nutrients it recommendations 8ml, for hydroponics I use .5ml/L of big bud should I bump up or am I close enough to the finish line? 4ish weeks to go?