My First indoor grow first time Train wreck

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Definitely looking good. Like wow good. Very nice :ok_hand:… ya you can tag anyone at anytime to get their attention to that specific comment. Tag away makes ppl feel important, kinda love we never had from Dad ya know! I’m gonna stay silent on fabric pots, not a big fan even though I’ve got 3 -5’s in use this current grow now… LoL


Looking great. My last run I grew train wreck it did not give me any problems and took everything I threw at her. I think you will love the results.

Just checked my clones we’ve got roots on two out of four so far




Why does the pic turn sideways today never did before? Weird

I don’t have any place to keep them yet so window sill to oven for 6 hrs then under the stove hood lights until sunshine comes again. So far so good

Thanks for the advice

Way to go…I’m rooting for ya!!!

Lol Im switching to flower tomorrow is there anything I should do other than change the timer. My second light should be here tomorrow.
Has anyone ever used these lights

Tent is 3x3x6
4plants can’t decide if I should keep one for a mother. I need a second tent for sure.
Baby steps @BobbyDigital @Bulldognuts @Covertgrower

You bought that light already?? We could have given you great advice on purchasing lights, especially since it’s like the #1 muy importante piece of equipment. You gotta beam us with questions so everyone can help ya along. I started out with 2 - 1000w blurples just like those. They are refered to as blurples and will get the job done no doubt. They will serve as an introduction into indoor and with all the knowledge you’ll gain from this grow you will be upgrading by next grow just like ALL of us have… LoL


That’s about it. Lights and timers.


When I’m ready for the second tent I will definitely ring. I will keep what I have to veg . Upgrade for bloom. I just knew that I can plug them into one another safely.
Have to save up a bit just bought the whole Initial set up for tent 1.
Looking forward to b picking your brains. Do you know the optimal amount of light? FC or Lux ?my plants will need during the flowering stage.


One rule of thumb is 50 watts/square foot your light is 200 watts but that is not the entire story. High levels of PAR and PPFD are needed to get the results you are hoping to end with. You will be able to grow with this light but the buds will be airy.

Stage Optimal PAR Output
Seedling 200-400 (μmol/m2/s)
Veg 400-600 (μmol/m2/s)
Flowering 600-900 (μmol/m2/s)

Ok now that I have 2 lights the same does it then become 400w will that help or not. I guess what I’m asking is do you add the watts together from each fixture in the space then use the formula?

Thanks for the info I’ll keep you posted on how things progress. When I’m ready to buy a better lighting system I will get the old survey going for sure. Everyday is a learning experience
The ones I have claim to be high in PPFD. We shall see.

Yes add them together. They are high ppfd when they are close to the plant top 6-12”. I would recommend saving the money you would spend on a second light for your lighting upgrade.

What would you recommend for blooming 3-4 plants as far as tent dimensions and type and wattage of lights? I want to get a better setup for flowering and use what I have for vegging and mother


I have used a 3x3 with an HLG-300 rspec with really good luck. It got really crowded with 4 plants but worked. I upgraded to a 4x4 this round with two Pacific Light Concepts diy lights. I like this setup a lot better because I have even coverage corner to corner. If I did not get the PLC lights I would have either gotten the HLG-550 rspec or the HLG-600 rspec diy light.

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Any other suggestions about lights for blooming in a 3x3 tent HLC are sold out around here and Amazon. Go figure @Bulldognuts @nicky @borialis