My first hydroponics legal grow


Looks to be fine. Any spread? N those girls look happy. :+1:t5:


Hey man… Thanks. no spread. The brown spots appeared on the same day I was doing nutes change. I add less nutes than what the manufacturer says. So i guess it was a deficiency.


Just one small white “pistil” like pistil… could it be!


Picture is to blurry to say for sure, but it looks like it!


Yup looks to me too. Should be everywhere by now? :eyes::eyes:


Still not 100% sure, found another hair and small “pear” shaped thingies starting to form. Going to put them under 12/12 soon. They scare me, I have to raise my tent ceiling for the 3rd time lol.


Can i see the ‘pear thingys’. Sounds like calyxes or ‘bracts’ i believe. Those stack ALOT and become the lovely beautiful flowers. :clap:t5::clap:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Ill try make a pic when bigger, my phone/microscope not accurate enough haha.
But here some plant bondage pics.


The below two leaves. Browning at edges, gradually moving to the centre of the leave. This starts at the bottom of the plant. Is this Potassium deficiency?


Whoohoo we got one girl!


Congrats on the “Girl”. She is looking good.


Here some new pics.


Been cloning the female plant, calling her Green Nash.

Root coming through :blush:

And this is Green Nash today.


Damn looking good in there my man! That Nash is Nashty! Love it. U ever get that deficiency handled?


Thanks man… Well the deficiency stopped, or maybe it was a PH issue… Anyway if i see anything i just refresh water and nutes.


PH is the root of ALL EVIL!!!


I need to get myself a digital PH checker!


Definitely! I bought a cheap one n replaced it with a bit more a month later. The $50 Apera PH20 is perfect so far. Wish i had a couple more bucks. That EH60 looks like a total package.


Day 23 flowering


So i reckon I have lost control of her… she a true Sativa lol

So the male plant is still in there but cut down 90% dont wanna kill it as i can’t find a clear answer what will happen with all the dead roots and how will it affect my big girl.