My first hydro grow using general hydroponic I water farm single bucket bubble system

Many of you have follow a few threads , my last aut grow was much help for some , but I’m no expert more less like a boyscout learning new science projects of helping different strains grow indoors . But I think I have most of what it should take to gain success growing hydroponically , if not I should not need much more , maybe a heater submersible and a pump , but everything else I have with several different nutrient lines . At some point I do want to try adding the fox farm open Seaseme and Cha Ching . Today I’ve transplanted my seedling from coco to a top drip feed hydroponic bucket . As of now I believe everything worked out okay , so in a couple days we will know the outcome of the beginning of this grow .

Just a few photos , ppm 091 , ph 5.9- 6.0 , water temp 78 degrees .

Hello, I just happened to see this thread and I was about to post a question about that same GH unit at the link below.

I am considering buying several of these units and I was interested to know how you like the system so far?

Is it like a conventional bubbler with the air stone in the bucket?

I’m guessing the water is forced by the air up to the drip ring?

I know they’ve been around for a while and are very popular but I’ve never used one, overall are you happy with the unit’s ease of use and performance?


Panaroman this my first time ever trying hydroponically growing . If I can keep everything in its right range in each stage , this grow should be very fun and exciting to learn the art of growing in a DWC bubbler bucket .

Uploading… First time ever , during the transplant I gave some B- Vitamins and Super - Thrive for recovery . To me the seedling didn’t show any stress transplanting . But this will be a new experience for me .

I see… will be very interested watching your progress with this unit as I will probably buy several of those units (or not) depending on how it goes for you. Hope it works well cuz it would be an easy solution

Well guys I’m sorry , but for my first update , I failed miserably …omg poor plant . I’m sure it was ph issues , calcium build up , look like white salt dust , but after a brutal week busy with work , I could not monitor it enough to keep everything in perspectives . I transplanted it back to coco - coir to see if I can save it , but it’s not looking so good as of now being only 2 days since the rescue took place . Now since I don’t have to immediate time to monitor a hydro grow , for now I’ll stick to dirt on what I know , but indeed I’ll be topping , main-lining and scrogging the next mixed layer soil I used last grow , so in about 2 weeks I should be back to the beginning of a new start . Guys I apologize , but I thought I had the know how , and unfortunately it was the time , not the knowledge , so maybe later spring , but keep it green , organic , and buddiful …Happy Growing my Capadres !!!

Damn, I was really hoping to watch you grow your first hydro plant! I literally just transplanted a seedling into my first DWC bucket a fe days ago, for my official first hydro plant! Super excited! Sorry things didn’t work out for you!

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PPM was likely too high if you were using a set feeding schedule or recipe they are not cut in stone you need to adjust slowly until you know what your strain likes. I typically stay away from cal-mag until 6-8 nodes in soil in hydro I add at lightest dose since micro does have cal and mag in it very easy to add too much.

follow Kabongster’s thread he is at same stage and we are working a very cautious slow steady start treating his grow like a cloner until his roots and plant are ready to start rocking the nutes :slight_smile:

This is my poor lil plant after trying hydro . Clearly hydro is not my forte of growing , so I’ll stay in my own lane . Failure is something I don’t like settling for doing anything , but this explains obviously explains the technicality when growing hydroponically …Happy Growing !!!

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I’ll keep you updated with my first DWC hydro grow. I transplanted a female blueberry from soil to hydro last week. She’s thriving already! I would like to encourage you to try again yoshi. You shouldn’t give up so easily! Because honestly, if I can do it, anybody should be able to haha

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hydro is easy don’t give up i was just looking at ur pics all u did wrong was the water level was to high on the plants stem keep the water about an inch below the net pot the roots in the beginning just like the splashing of the air bubbles at first hen they will reach for the water on their own


This how long ive been here , i for got all about a few other journals i has not finished .

@NUG61 , @Low , @TT and @VaHillbilly , ive been around this platform .

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Have my little bubble.gut buckets made you proud :sunglasses::grin::v::heart:

This was from 2015 my friend is how old this thread was lmao :rofl:

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Lol time flies :sweat_smile: