My first home grow

I work at a commercial grow but this is my first home grow. I’m using mother earth coco/perlite mix and have been feeding fox farm grow big and their organic mix and cal mag every other water and a foliar feed every week. My light is a Mars hydro TS 3000w LED. I also have a bucket of proco2 in the room. I’m running an 18/6 light cycle and a ppfd of about 350 average.

I am growing 4 ILGM Gorilla Glue Autoflowers and 3 ILGM Super Lemon Haze Autoflowers. I am on day 23 since everything broke soil, the lemon haze are about a day and a half behind the gorilla glue.

I have no glaring questions at the moment, just wanted to show my grow and hear any thoughts. Always open to helpful advice and tips.


Welcome! Looks like you’re off to a great start!

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Looks fantastic! Welcome to this amazing community.

A professional grower!! I want that job! Well… maybe I don’t, but I think it sounds cool. I’ll follow along. Great start and welcome to the community!

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It has its ups and downs. I’m not a fan of working for a corporation and everything that goes with it. I have picked up a lot of knowledge and experience and met many people with loads of knowledge for advice.
Overall I get paid well to grow cannabis so I can’t hate it completely. I don’t always agree with everything but that’s why I’ve started growing at home.


Learn everything you can about the good and the bad, It will make that much easier when you start your own business.


Looking good in my opinion. Have some preflowers showing. Hitting week five in a few days and I expect them to start their flower stretch.

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Looking happy and healthy!

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Day 39 Pistils but no flowers yet. Are they behind? I’ve heard that sometimes even with autos you need to flip them? Should I switch to a 12/12 just in case. This is my first experience growing autoflowers.

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The longer they veg, the bigger your yield will be, Unless you’re in a hurry, or worried about running out of space, I’d let them be a while still.

These are autos and my first experience with them.

With autos, they will flower when they want to. Flipping them might trigger flowering.