My first harvest - Russian somethinv x Master Kush OG

These are the first seeds of any plant type ive ever had troubke with like this…they must have been really old or something. These werent ilgm. They were sonata seeds.

The pull from today

And the total pull minus the .6 ouce dry jar, an offshoot and some small buds. The main cola from the right is so dense i couldnt get some if the fan leaves out lol

This is A LOT. How you like that finish @Work4iT @Mr_Wormwood. I am feeling proud lol


Love to smoke some of that. Nice.

When do you think you are going in Mason Jars or sealed tubs?

I left the stems on mine when I cured in my CVaults as I am pretty new to all this.

This time I think I may try and not cure with main stem, but wondering about the benefits of the moisture in that thick stalk?

Wonder what the norm is? Maybe just how much weed you got and it would be too time consuming to break it down? I am going to do the 3 or 4 tub mix of big and small buds this time. I need to go shopping for tubs.

I’m guessing it probably does not matter as long as you are tracking the RH and bringing it down slowly.

I don’t have that Huge harvest problem myself and still consider myself semi-weed poor.

Ex, have you done any qwet or edibles yet?

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No, actually the .6 ounce jar i pulled last week and will be my first run at edibles. I bought a hot plate, slow cooker, and toaster oven all for making stuff, so i can keep it all contained in my tent.

One of the videos i watched talked about knowing the weed is read for curing when you go to cut it from its stems and it pops off into the jar.

As far as knowing when drying is done im not sure of a perfect way to test ive just been paying really close attention and kind of guessing, but i feel like i got a feeling for it now, or at least im getting there.

I may be overdrying…who knows lol. I dont even think about starting to cure til i get to day 5 though. Ive gone to days 6 & 7 on my only 2 tries so far

Here is a pic of the weed in the jar…ive decided every 3 or 4 days im gonna take it out and spread it out for the first 2 weeks to make sure stuff on the bottom isnt getting trapped with humidity.

@hellraiser told me about a pinch test where it compresses and the bud will slightly spring back as the trigger point to jarring it up.

I am sure it would be better seeing it, but I always keep that in mind.

I do not go by the branch breaking at all.

I know what drying your weed too fast is all about. I did it. I learned that lesson. I will go in wet with hygrometer before I will go in too dry adding stuff to bring to back from dry and crunchy to wet.

At the beginning it just compresses more to flat when you pinch the fat part of a bud…

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Do you have any way of tracking your RH in your tub? 62% RH seems to be the magic number where you can quit airing it out.

I know you can get them for super cheap on Amazon 6 pack of them for nothing. Need these or you are just guessing, I guess. LOL.

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I have one of these in every jar

Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Electronic Temperature Humidity Meters Gauge Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer LCD Display Fahrenheit (℉) for Humidors, Greenhouse, Garden, Cellar, Fridge, Closet

Ive been doing the pinch test too but i feel like i need more expercience before i can tell just by pinching them.

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You did an outstanding job

Welcome to the finish line :checkered_flag:

And your manicure of the buds is impressive as heck


Thanks man…i spent a lot of time trimming them lol
Basically all morning doing those in the 1st pic lol.

Monster roots


I did not realize you were doing hydro

I am not brave enough to even try that

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Its not that hard man, just requires more attention. Im obviously a novice, but i know enough that if you ever want to try it out, i can help some with any questions you might have.

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If I get that brave I shall call upon you

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Man if you’re here into make edibles I highly recommend this product.
Herboven Decarboxylator,Decarb Machine with Infuser Feature ,Precise Heating Cycle, 3 Temperature Options 180℉/ 250℉/ 300℉, Precise Time Controls.Small batch of herb can also be decarbed

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Thats pretty cool. Looks like it makes it a lot easier

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Yes 10 times easier and will do up to an ounce. I have made 10 batches. You’re out in 2 hrs and sleep all nights. I usually sleep no more than 3-4 hours. Eat a tiny piece and I’m out. No weed taste and you can do tinctures.

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Does this look like the right color for decarbed?

Here we go…8.5 ounces of coconut oil, and 8 grams of decarbed weed in the crockpot on low for 4 to 6 hours.

Then ill make some gummy bears with jolly rancher cherry jello…woo…

Lets goooooo