My first harvest - Russian somethinv x Master Kush OG

My first harvest so far. Will wrap it up tomorrow and show the final pics. This is taking me forever lol.

I dont know if you guys can tell from pics whether im going overboard with trimming. I been trying to removes every dark leaf i can find, even most of those little ones wrapped around buds. Keep reading that leaves make the smoke taste bad, but i feel like ive got an insane amount if trichomes off.

Got pulled a bit earlier than i wanted, but my tank lid is having issues and leaking due to plants pushing through. Plus the new girls are just about ready for the space.

Any tips/advice are/is greatly appreciated.

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I know im forgetting the names of a lot of people who helped. My memory sucks…just going by my activity list. Plus i could only mention 10 ppl. Thank you all very much. I have no doubt some of them buds are a direct result of your help.

Left plant:

.6 ounces dried

Main cola next to 16.9 oz sprite bottle. Tray is from entire plant.

Right plant (still got a lot left to do including main cola):

Tray is right plant so far

Total pull so far not including the jar, 1 offshoot, and some small buds. A total of 14 hanging branches, although kinda hard to see them all in pic.


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Very nice 1st run buddy💪 bet it smells great in there!


I smoke sugar leaves. I have never had a nasty taste for smoking them. I could see that with fan leaves.

Nice haul for the first time. :+1:


Very nice! They look good from this end of the screen!


Thanks. It definitely does…punches you right in the face :joy:


Interesting. Ill try leaving some on when i break down the rest of the plant tomorrow and compare. Im planning on trying to make as many different types weed consumables as i can (edibles, vape/drops, etc), so all that trim and a bit of the bud will be used regardless. Thanks man.


Thanks man.


Nothing better than home grown. Good job bud.



Looks good buddy. I found those little leaves fall off during the curing process in grove bags (TerpLoc Windowed Pouches - Grove Bags Store). I then use the bottoms of the bags and run them through the screen.


They are beautiful :heart_eyes:



What is the next Grow strain you are looking at? What, if anything, are you going to change in your set up at home to make your net batch better?

For me it is always about improving techniques or equipment.

I know my first upgrade was SF 1000 to HGL 135v2, then it was the PH pen, and I chose a decent middle of the road Apera 20.

Have you ever tried ILGM seeds? Quick delivery. I had some problems trying to germinate the Blue dream. I use the peroxide with the water trick to soften now and it seems to work better. I see you mention the Russian strain you were growing out this time and was wondering your opinion of the seed bank customer service, delivery etc. I do think the ILGM seeds are coming from US where they don’t have to clear customs? They arrive quick, so props to those fine people.


I’ve had no problems with ILGM seeds. Me didn’t germinate out of the white widow batch didn’t bother sending it in because I lost it lol. No biggie for me as all 19 others did. I am supposed to get my LSD on Sunday and hope to check it out.


I do as well. To me it’s just some added weed. Lol.


Ive heard about them. Going try them on my next run. Thanks.

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I was planning on growing 3 blueberry OG but im having issues with germinating the seeds. At the moment its 2 blueberry og that are over 2 weeks old, my last blueberry OG seed, which has a tail, and 2 or 3 seeds from the strain i am harvesting. Might even try to cross breed them.

As far as improvements, ive got just about all the parts for a new aero setup, so ill be building that this week. Should improve the flaws i encountered with the current setup. Will be learning training techniques, and im looking forward to using the hydroflex nutrients. Only small upgrades coming this grow, otherwise, i think.


So one thing I’ve learned is not to change too much at one time. And to keep a log of important dates. So I changed a couple of things this time and I’m not sure what’s helped and what hasn’t. So I’m rethinking how I do things make one tweak like soil and see what happens if it helps or increases yield. Maybe make one tent grow using one light while the other uses another. Just random thoughts that cross my mind.


I think thats smart. That way its easier to isolate the causes of issues/gains.


Made it to the finish line, walk - run - sprint…does not matter.
Finish line is what its all about, now you can tweak your process with some experience behind you. Congrats!


Popping the Pop Corn Brother. I can’t wait to see this contraption you are going to create.

I use the Teaspoon of peroxide on them now. I had hell Germinating seeds. I was thinking even that lite scuff where the seed breaks into Growth, the Jorge Cervantes method.

I was turned on to the peroxide trick by brother @beardless I think it was a teaspoon measurement in the cup to soften and make them break open.

The Wedding cake and Zkittle seeds I got from ILGM are fresh and those things will break and tail up immediately almost. I find the tender stage to be the most aggravating with a bit of failure.

I read others place the seeds direct in the solo cup medium water to run off and wait. No Soaking.

So many personal preferences. But the tricks they share here work alot of the time.

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