My first harvest OG KUSH timing

Am I ready for harvest? I see quite a bit of amber in the buds, but I have a mix of clear and milky Tricombs. This is an auto flower (OG KUSH) in its 9th week. I have read a bunch that says about 30% amber to harvest. See Pics attached. There are still white pistols as well, but I don’t want the THC to degrade by waiting to long.

Thanks in advance for the advice!


All those white pistils and clear trics are saying you still have a while to go, I’d say 3-4 weeks. You want mostly cloudy trics with some amber trics.


Thank you. I may be taking a trip in the next week or so. Would you choose harvest early or late if those were the choices. I may get caught in between Weeks.


I am guessing you have at least 4 weeks to go. :+1::+1::+1:


Over a month till they are ready… they will keep bulking up and producing more thc goodness. I have 3 gelato plants still waiting on all the pistols to turn brown before I check thricomes


Nice Plant ! Yeah I agree with other community members still got a month to go. Also plant looks a little hungry I would check PPM runoff an give it a good bloom feeding an let it ride. Just my thoughts good luck

In addition, be sure you are looking at the trichomes on the buds and not on the sugar leaves. The trichomes on the sugar leaves will turn color before the ones on the buds do.

Yes, I’m getting used to finding the right area of tri to look at. I was only feeding water as I thought I was closer than I was. I just fed it and I recognize now through all of the help above that I was further away than I thought. Thanks everyone on this thread for the help.

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