My First Growth Journal

@Skydiver nice journal youve got going mate. The light setup is very cool.

I have a query in regards to your rock phosphate. Can you run a test for me please? :grin:

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Thanks @GreenCoat and @MattyBear for the kind words

So Greencoat what do you have in mind?

So here are some shots from this evening after some more HST, LST and LSD training as well as replacement of my old tie down system of tent stakes in pot all over the place to a nice new (think of the Croquet Wicks? Or whatever they are called where you want your balls to go through…they are like that only sized and bent to fit from 1/3 to 1/2 of my pot per Wick and I have 2 in each pot and they are working great. It is so easy now to top dress my amendments and easy to slide a branch say 1/2 left or right to adjust for light etc…

Anyway thanks for tuning in and I’ll update things as I go.

Did you know a smaller size paint stirrer they give you when you buy gallons are 12” long…I coudnt find my ruler so I made one from a paint stirrer and dam if it wasn’t 1 foot long…except mine is warped as hell so is a little shorter.



In regards to your rock phosphate.

What is the ppm when you add 15g to 1L of water ?

Hey is this a trick question?

Sure I will do that for you in a day or 2 and will post.
So my water is around 500 EC (250 ppm using the 500 scale) just in case I don’t detail that when I test…

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No not a trick question :slightly_smiling_face: Im just curious to see what the PPM is against my rock phosphate. Because my PPM didnt budge so im curious to see if what yours reads.

I am about to test the rock phosphate for ppm in 1 liter of my aerated tap water. When you ask for me to add 15 grams is this by weight?
Or did you mean 1 Tablespoon which is 15ml?
Let me know and I’ll post the results.


15 grams if you could please. Or whatever really. Whatever you do ill do the same :+1: but i guess by weight would be easier to match

Hello all,

Updating my growing pains…lol and other stuff.
A couple days ago I saw a copper/rust colored spots on several of my leaves and am trying to deal with this…
Here is the link to the new topic i posted the other day.

I was thinking it was a nutrient issue but it was pointed out that it may be leaf rust and I coated the affected areas of the leaves on the pineapple and WWX with aloe Vera leaf juice. I will keep a close eye on this situation for sure.

On a lighter note:
In my tent with the materials used in making the tent put me in a dead zone for wireless signal. I had an extra router so I set that one up in the next room as a signal booster and now my signal in the tent is strong…yea!

I started a fresh brew of aerated compost tea to water my big and small plants in a day or so. Here is what I use to brew.

Here are some pics of my new seedlings and my clones.

image image
The 2 now in dirt had a great root system but the 2 still in the clone bucket have not been cooperative. One may make it though. I can always soak a couple seeds of the Waikiki Queen as the one I have in flower smells and tastes wonderful and I think I’ll want more.

Here is my collection of organic nutrients that I use by themselves or as a mix either by top dressing the soil or making a tea. I will also be using these to build my own super soil for the future and as amendments to my outside vegetable grows this spring.

I’ll update things soon and thanks for watching, following, commenting and all!



Man you are just killing it… that looks like a shelf at my hydro guys store…lol

Thanks @LoCoRock it has become quite the collection.
I’m sure I’m not done yet…lol

I struck it big at a yard sale this morning… The last piece of the puzzle I needed!

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I was with my mom, she said what are you jarring… LMAO

I really like your setup mate. Great lights and organic.

There are 2 great books that i think you’ll like if you havent read them already


Thanks for the info!
Have read this one Teaming with Fungi - excerpts from the book

And am reading this one now

And have another book after that…

Will need to get and read the Revs book too!


Hey @GreenCoat so did you want me to use 15 grams or 15ml of the rock phosphate in the liter of water to measure the ppm?

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15g would be great

The Revs book is the best of the best IMO

I can do that…I have a scale around here somewhere lol
Should post that info in the next 20-30-1,000,000 minutes…somewhere in that range…lol

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All good, i wont hold my breath lol … no rush mate

Did you finish Jorge’s Bible yet @Skydiver… Not that one actually finishes it… I’ve read several chapters over and over again