My First Growth Journal

They could very well could be harboring pollen sacs inside of them. As far as I can tell, there are no pistols coming out of them. Maybe clip them off just in case.

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Thanks for the input @BobbyDigital

I just read an article instructing to use tweezers…remove one and open to see if seed inside…will try that and keep an eye :eye: on it.
Wait a minute…does that make sense?
This is from article…


Among the early signs that your female has been pollinated is that her bracts become larger. Bracts are small, leaf-like structures that protect the female’s reproductive parts. These are the sites from which the flowering buds appear. Do not confuse the bracts with [calyxes]

A good test to see whether the bracts have swollen is to take a pair of tweezers, grab one bract, and open it up. If there is a seed inside, you have a pollinated plant.

Another indication of pollination can be the colour of her pistil hairs. When a female has been pollinated, the previously white hairs will soon shrivel and become darker.

If it is male what about the 2 clones I took from it?
Male too?


It’s definitely not a male as there are female flowers around it. At most it hermied. If there are seeds, it means that is was pollinated at some point.

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I see
Not sure how it would have been pollinated as the other 2 plants show no signs of being male and this is my first grow…no opportunity to be pollinated that I can figure out anyway


That truly is odd. A plant can only be pollinated if there is pollen present. But I did see a post here a few days back where the plant produced seeds before it was even mature enough to do so. I’ll see if I can find it.

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Here it is

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That’s a female all the way my friend


@garrigan62 are mites absolutely avoidable with hydro

Not really, you can bring them in your dog or friend. I have brought them in from working in the yard.

Here are pics from a few hours ago and would like any feedback as there are a couple areas of concern I have and am looking for advice on my next course of action.
Soil grow using compost tea and other amendments as top dressing.
Temps high 82 low 73
Humidity high 43 low 34
HLG 600h light 22” above at 75% power
C02 ranges 800-1500 during day using propane heater to up it. Still dialing that in using airflow to other rooms (doors open or closed etc)
Still having some fungus rust on fan leaves and sugar leaves and will foliar treat again soon with Serenade.
First pics are the WWX

image !
image|374x500 image image image image
Pinapple express is the later pics above and worried about yellowing and if I need to add some nitrogen or what? I have several options to add nitrogen such as Neem meal 6-2-1 ? making a tea or Alaskan fish fert 5-1-1 in water and so on.
I watered using the PreStop solution on Saturday Night.
I did just top dress some Epsom salts that will be watered in next time.
Any concerns I should address? 4 weeks since flip to 12/12.

I’ve also been removing leaves that are 50% yellowed or dying as I go. Is this an ok practice within reason of course.

@ whomever else might offer good direction / next step


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Pineapple Express

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Here are pics of the pineapple first and then the WWX today about 24 hours from previous pics.
The pineapple has many leaves with browning edges and the WWX showing strange colors on edges of the sugar leaves up top near bud tops and not sure what they are asking for me to do for them.

Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.


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Looks like both my Waikiki clones are going to make it! Whoop Whoop
The one I wasn’t sure about seems to have set roots and is greening up a bit. The other is coming right along too. The 2 pineapple clones are looking good. The seedlings 2 Medi and 2 WWX look healthy. All are in 1 gallon fabric pots with a bottom mix of 2 parts FF coco loco 1 part FFOF and the top 1/3 filled with FFLW and worm manure and mycorrhizae inoculate.

Looking forward to getting these pots fully rooted to repot them in their 5 or 7 gallons pots. Not sure maybe some of each?

Thanks for tuning in


They look good from the pics… awesome to hear no Hermie or pollination happened. They are what about a month/6 weeks or so from wrapping up? Your 4 weeks into flower, right with me if I remember correctly… I have small browning on some leaves, I just did straight pH’d water last watering to make sure.

Do you use Cal mag?

Thanks @LoCoRock yea glad she was all woman lol
That makes the 2 clones of hers good to go and looks like both are gonna make it too.
Yep I’m about 4 1/2 weeks since the flip.

I have been reading True Living Organics By The Rev and realize how little I know and how far I have yet to go. He recommended these 2 products that are TLO friendly so I went ahead and ordered some. Before I had been using eggs shell powder and Epsom salt as my CaMg source.
image image

Good to hear your getting the mites under control…what a RUSH that must have been!

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Well I needed to modify the stock hanging cables on my new HLG 600h light as the provided cables were too long as I needed more headroom to be able to raise the fixture as needed because with the stock cables I had already ran out of up adjustments. Had some chain around from another project. Gives it more of a Highlander (the movie) look chains and all…lol

There Can Be Only One!
Or 3 or 8 with these ladies.


Some pics from this evening. Waikiki looking great. The other 2 are Ok but stressed a bit.

image image

The CO2 levels have been in the 550-800 range without using my buddy propane heater. Just the Exhale bag and being in the basement helps increase levels too.

The temps of the HLG driver - not bad running around 70% power.

Some bud porn using my phone and a 5x app. Will be able to get better pics next week with new toy.

The clones and seedlings are doing great.
Will post new pics soon.
When ready they will be going into both Kind Soil and The Revs recipe 2.1 mix one of each strain in each mix to see which responds better. Just need to factor in the human wild card lol. Need to start my mix tomorrow so it can cook for 2-4 weeks and be ready when potting up from the 1 gal they are in now.
Thanks for tuning in!


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Hey @Skydiver there us a gr8 grow journal on here somewhere with a kind soil grow. If I remember correctly it went quite well 4 the grower. I remember several times him mentioning how little effort it consumed and was overall a very easy grow…