My First Growth Journal


Man you are just killing it… that looks like a shelf at my hydro guys store…lol


Thanks @LoCoRock it has become quite the collection.
I’m sure I’m not done yet…lol


I struck it big at a yard sale this morning… The last piece of the puzzle I needed!


I was with my mom, she said what are you jarring… LMAO


I really like your setup mate. Great lights and organic.

There are 2 great books that i think you’ll like if you havent read them already


Thanks for the info!
Have read this one Teaming with Fungi - excerpts from the book

And am reading this one now

And have another book after that…

Will need to get and read the Revs book too!


Hey @GreenCoat so did you want me to use 15 grams or 15ml of the rock phosphate in the liter of water to measure the ppm?


15g would be great


The Revs book is the best of the best IMO


I can do that…I have a scale around here somewhere lol
Should post that info in the next 20-30-1,000,000 minutes…somewhere in that range…lol


All good, i wont hold my breath lol … no rush mate


Did you finish Jorge’s Bible yet @Skydiver… Not that one actually finishes it… I’ve read several chapters over and over again


Is this a teaching moment for you and a learning moment for me?
Damned if both source water without and with adding the rock phosphate was the same EC reading. Hmm

This is what I used with % and soluble info on box…

What brand are you using?


@LoCoRock I haven’t read that one yet.
Heard about it from my brother in law and would like to read it at some point


Great update! Looking good :+1::v::bear:


Thanks @MattyBear

Here is a video that after watching will give you the confidence to go and grow all organic…

You can do iiiiit! Lol


All I hear is organic growing…do they make steroids for pot??


Yep they do!
Its all the non organic nutrients being used…those would be the steroids comparable to humans taking Roids.


Hello all!
Still having rust fungus issues although minimal I am removing affected leaves when spotted and I’ve ordered a biological solution that will be here Friday so hopefully will be the ticket to keeping it at bay for the next 60 days.

Anyone have any experience using this product and if so an6 feedback on it would be appreciated.
Keeping the temps at 78 day 72 night and RH 43%-36%

Saved some room by hanging my fan upside down

Here are updated pics of my seedlings and clones. Decided to put the 2 Waikiki Queens that has very little rooting while in clone bucket into soil figuring they couldn’t last much longer in bucket. One should make it the other is a crap shoot.
The other 2 well rooted clones are looking great as well as the 4 seedlings.
Watered them today with DTE enhanced root growth mycorrhizae solution.

Thanks for tuning in!



Hey @Skydiver how is the fan working upside down. LOL I honestly entertained the thought but didn’t go through with it thinking I was just stoned and it wouldn’t work! I have the exact same fan and am super curious. It doesn’t oscillate that way now… correct? Just twist the base hopefully with no damage or eat if falling…