My First Growth Journal

Personally I like ILENE, that’s funny stuff! They will be fine. Did you splint it/tie it + the honey to give it support! Sure you did, have a great day I’m busy as crud today…G2G :v:


@Skydiver what is your relation to Brown bird…and what is that drawing in your icon? Looks like female parts.

I don’t know who/what brown bird is.
The picture is from an album cover and yep it does look like that…lol

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It’s a Brown Bird album cover.

Lol ok @WickedAle
Yep it’s from them.
Was a song I heard on Pandora random play and liked it so I screen shot to be able to look up more of their music to listen to.

Hello all here is some things I’ve been doing to better my set up for the grow.
My new RO system has been installed. It is small and very easy to hook up either to a faucet using the silver push/pull diverter at the spout or by hooking up the garden hose adapter which is what I used as I had a splitter attached to my utility sink for other purposes.

The black hose is the waste water created during production of the RO water to be used. The waste water can be drained away or also collected and used for other things. It seems to be about a 3-4 to 1 ratio of waste to usable water.

The white tube is where the filtered water exits the system for use. As of now it takes about 2 1/2 hours to produce 4 gallons. The water pressure, water temperature, hardness of the source water and the condition of the filters all come into play with how much will be produced in a given time. My water temp from tap this time of year as I remember it checking years ago for my fresh and saltwater fish tanks was around 55 degrees F and colder water slows production down.

Here are some updates pics of my seedlings and clones. Will be Fiiming them here soon. Not sure how long a 1 gallon pot takes to become full of roots and require transplanting into their final 5 or 7 gallon pots.

I had been watching these little ants running around the edges of my closet doing their thing and I just let them be but when they started crawling onto my pots and plants I decided to reluctantly end them.

I simply mixed 1 TBSP of borax (available at Walmart and many places and cheap and has many other natural cleaning uses - old school stuff before all the crazy chemically convenient stuff came out)-
3 TBSP of brown sugar as I don’t use the sterile white sugar anymore but if that’s what you have that works fine too. Then in the small container mixed the 2 together and then slowly added warm water and stirred it (I added to much water at first so it was more liquid than I wanted but it worked fine.
The ants either died while consuming the mix at the feeding trough or they carried the mix back to the nest which kills the Queen etc and that is the goal of this.
Less than 8 hours later…

The ants that I do still see crawling around seem lethargic and dazed and confused except some are normal acting but those might be the newly hatched ones.
Seems that they have lost interest on the remaining mix and if in another day they are still around I will mix up a fresh batch and see how that goes.

Thanks for tuning in and HAGD


Picture of some micro beasties in my tea that is brewing…

Mother Earth?
Or something on a smaller scale?

Pretty cool



Pretty cool!

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What’s the magnification in that. Super cool!!

I used a Carson MP250 and a slide and I believe the magnification was at max of 250x
The mag range is 100x-250x and it came with an attachment to allow taking pics and video from most phones.
Amazing little critters…
Watching stuff eat stuff …and multiply and divide…truly amazing what goes on at the microscopic level


Absolutely incredible I think… I love getting my son’s microscope out, shit I really bought it for me when he turned 10…lol

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I think the last time I had used a microscope was late 70’s in High School with pond water and the like. I remember taking a Mj seed splitting it open and was amazed at the intricate structure of it!
That’s is one of those memories that sticks in my mind!

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Very Kool pic @Skydiver. :grin::v:

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Here are some updated pics on my grow.
They are almost 8 weeks since the flip

Here are some pics of buds from about 5 days ago

Here are pics from my next round -
4 seedlings and 4 clones

Here is what I have started for my outdoor garden. Still have another 40 or so to plant but it’s a start

So far have the maters and peppers going and 4 have broken ground after 3 days.

Thanks for dropping by and HAGD

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Would moving the little ones that are currently under T5 HO 4 foot 6 bulb fixture with Hortilux power veg plus UV (3 bulbs) and 3 bulbs AgroMax power veg bulbs into the main tent that has the HLG 600H light set about 60% power with 3000k qb288 boards be a good idea to get them accustomed to their new home in about 3 weeks for maybe 2 hours a day to start and increasing that time over the next couple weeks?

Any thoughts?


More critter pics…

image image image

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I’m divided on which pic I like best…ha ha - a little amoeba humor…


An old saying …
Divide and conquer haha haha
That sucker was hard to keep track of…soo much life in them there teas!

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Making some LAB as I post this…looking forward to adding to the critter farm.

Looks like my Pinapple is ripe for the pickin…
Gonna flush and then chop in 3-4 days

Honey is about 4 days out so will flush her too.

Waikiki is another week or two away

Better put my LAB coat back on and drain the rice wash and cover it and wait 3 or so days for that sweet smell and then the next step.


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More good info…

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