My first grow, would love your thoughts

Hi there! This is my first grow, Im growing purple punch auto from barney’s and a jack herer auto that I got for free with my order, ordered from.greybeard seeds.

Plants are in week 7 of the grow

Currently growing in a 2x2x4 tent I’m planing on moving to 4x2x5 within the next week or two.

Grow light is a spider farm sf1000. I upgraded from a bestva 1000watt grow light about 2 weeks ago.

Using a VIVOSUN 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan and carbon filter.

I’m growing in 2, 5 gallon fabric pots with a bag of fox farms ocean forest in each pot. I’m also using the fire fox trio for nutes. I just picked up open sesame, cha ching, and bloomz as well.

I’ve been following this feeding schedule I found on the interwebs

This is my jack herer

This is the purple punch, the one at the bottom of the pic. I had some issues during germination when I let try seed get a bit dried out. She was able to bounce back and seems to be growing a bit slower than the other.

Any input or questions you have would be great!


They look good :ok_hand:


Looking pretty good for a first


First: welcome!

Second: Nice job so far. Your plants look happy and wouldn’t change anything until or unless a deficiency happens. Autos require lighter feeding than photos in general and FF does recommend flushing periodically. So long as you are watering to about 10% runoff you should be okay.

If you don’t yet; a PH and TDS meter of decent quality is really a required set of instruments to grow successfully long term.

I’m not an auto grower myself but there are others here who rock it: @Not2SureYet @Nicky are a couple.


Welcome. Wish I had plants like those for my first grow!

As others said, keep up the good work.

You learn what the plants need since you see them daily. My recommendation is to write everything down; keep a journal if you don’t already do so. I am on my second grow and I am constantly looking back at my notes from grow one.

Continued success.


Welcom to the forum. You are looking good here. I have a purple punch I want to do still. And put a JH in a rooter this morning :grin: Your feed looks pretty good. Like @Myfriendis410 mentioned. I do better with light feeding than heavy. I am in coco. So I can see by my run off how my plants feed and adjust as needed. I will try to follow along here too :smile:


@Randy_Marsh @Pedrogunz Thanks!

@Myfriendis410 Thanks! I have a ph and tps meter but I haven’t been using them I went to calibrate the ph reader and got frustrated with it. I’ll have to go back and calibrate it, I know I should be checking the read outs of the run off.

@PP3121 Thanks! to have been keeping a log of when I water and what not, I figured it would be good to have in case I had to look back at it.

@Not2SureYet thanks I had read the ocean forest was hot and I know the autos are more sensitive to the nutes and I didn’t want to harm them. That feeding schedule seems to be working out pretty well so far.


Welcome to the forums and thus the community!

Your off to a good start, feed very lightly if at all as the soil has so much nutrients in it currently its ideal to wait until some is removed before feeding more.
The other issue with feeding soil is Durring any feeding 20% water run off should be maintained to avoid a salt build up in the medium, however if done early on with soil you are just washing the nutrients out of the soil which is a bit counter productive.
Avoid run off until the tds is the soil has dropped to 800 or so.
You can check soils PH and tds by conducting a soil slurry test, YouTube will guide you on this.
While a runoff test can be done it’s not advised to do with soil until the tds has dropped because again your emptying the soil of nutrients Durring a run off test, keep in mind for soil PH can not be accurately tested via run off.


@Nicky thanks for the infor I’ll look into the slurry test now.

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Welcome to the forum and good luck looking good

Hey those look pretty happy :blush:… whatever you are doing… keep doing it. Get some grass in the glass and improve on your next grow. :wink:

@Smooch530 @Cannabian Thanks!

My girls a few hours before lights out this morning, they are really filling out. Need to do a bit of pruning and get that bigger tent!


@Nicky @Randy_Marsh @Myfriendis410 @PP3121 @Not2SureYet
Couple of questions, the jack herer is at day 55 from emerging from the ground, and the purple punch is day 54.

First question is am I getting the age of these plants correctly? Or do I start from when I germinated them?

Second question is the purple punch says it’s 50 to 6p days till harvest. I cant imagine that I’ll be harvesting that plant now. The jack herer I’ve read is about 8 to 9 weeks. What should my expectations be as far as harvesting? 11 to 12 weeks?

Last question for now is will I need to do to two harvests? Below are two pictures from the same plant.

This one is the purple punch but both have similar looking buds.


Yeah def 12-14 weeks , looking good are they autos ?

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Yeah they are autos.

Probably they will mature a different rates .

You can’t go by breeders scedule, read the plants.
I couldn’t from first say with two little leafs, but it doesn’t really matter to much lol


First, I’ve counted day 1 from breaking ground.

Second, as @Nicky said, read your plants. Listed times are in ideal growing conditions.

Lastly, don’t know about that question. Two harvests of the same plant? Again, above got you… harvest the plants when they are ready. Each plant will mature a little differently; however, they should be close.

Hope this helps.

Continued success.

Thanks I’m sure I’m over thinking things.