My First Grow when to harvest?

I’m a first time grower and my grow has gone very well in my opinion but I need some help with knowing when to harvest.

I have one of 2 nth lights that I believe is ready as new pistols have all but stopped appearing and some trichome’s are amber but only on the sugar leaves, no amber on the flowers. Some sugar leaves are starting to fade too. Is she done?

She is the one on the bottom left in the below pic.

Good morning Litlab, they look great and nice job! Welcome to the community. Zooming in on the first pic as best I could. I still see some clearest and milky around and on the bud . I would say a good 7 days . Also what kind of buzz are you looking for? 30% amber will have less of a couch lock than if you were to let it get more amber all over. Food for thought

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Thanks for the advice, I prefer a more of an up lifting mind wondering high so I will keep that ratio towards the lower % of amber.
Funny enough your 7 day estimate would take it to exactly 8 weeks of flower so all thing seem to be aligned for harvest as per the guide.

Just one more question if you get round to it, the blueberry in the back right hand corner is fading hard but still packing on size and still heaps of new pistols and trichome’s are still majority clear, is that level of fading normal? And should I give her on more feed or let her limp into the last couple of weeks?

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I’m right with you the big ones month and a half in. Small ones are a month in.

I wait for a little bit of Amber, I like that head high.

How old is she. Could I get a closer pic of the colas? Yellowing leaves at the bottom are normal. Do you check your run off for PH, PPM/EC? Throughout the grow stage this should be checked often. It will tell you how much nutes are in the soil, your PH and if your at the right level for your roots to uptake the nutrients. When these things are out of balance you could suffer lock out and your girls are not drawing anything up from the roots. If they’re still getting fat that’s a good thing.

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Also so forgot to mention that autos do their own thing. 1 from the same strain planted at the same time can grow differently. I have 6 growing and 4 are skittlez and all 4 growing at different rates. The furthest one along is 5 days younger than the other sprouted at the same time. These will have about a 12 week start to finish time My Northern Lights and Sour D will be less I hope. Your doing great my man! Keep up the good work, you have a great support group here. It’s addictive and the journey is full of surprises. I’m more of a touchy, listen and feel my plants kind of dude :love_you_gesture:

I also like to feed straight PH water the last 2 weeks to flush the nutes and produce a smoother smoke.

Thanks mate very helpful, I always check the ph & ppm of my inputs but I have not been checking the runoff as I try to water to the point of very little run-off.
My soil ph is and has been 6.9 the entire grow.
I will start testing runoff from now cheers.

Blueberry cola

This one started flowering about a week after the nth light, so week 6ish of flower, day 76 from seed sprouting

She looks great! I would say about 1-2 weeks left before it’s ready. Keep checking your tricomes for a amber tint. The percentage of the overall tricome color will determine your buzz. Less amber more of an uplifting buzz, let more amber set in for a deep sedated buzz. Your preference. I play around with both. But live a good day buzz and hit the heavy stuff and bedtime. Cheers Litlab, you’re doing great :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for your time and advice mate really appreciate it.

Anytime, I went from outdoor to indoor last year and have had great support on here.

Looking good. The pistils are still white. As the plant matures the pistils will start to turn a amber to a dark brown color. They will also start to suck into the buds.

Invest in a Jeweler loupe as the 60x magnification will give you a great view of the trichomes. I don’t like couch lock which means the pistils are mainly amber in color. I shoot for cloudy. :+1::+1::+1:


I’m open to suggestions? :sunglasses:

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There a month old

Be two months old around the 17th this month

Hey mate, have you check the under side of the leave, the spots on the leaves look like spider mite damage to me?