My first grow, what is next

Finally my seed sprouted but i found some yallow spots in the in the top of it, is’t ok? Niw what is next shall i keep it in my grow room under LED lights and ventilation ?

Advise guys

give her light leave in the peat pellet until you see plenty of roots then into a 16 oz solo cup or pot

Hey Donald

shall i water it from time to time when she’s still in jiffy pot?

Indeed do you have a ph tester or strips? you should water from bottom with water ph 5.8-6 no nutrients just ph’d water make sure she has lots of light atleast 16 hours a day keep humidity fairly high 70% or more and be patient the others may follow soon

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to all the pro’s here…this shit is NOT easy. I killed my first plants with overly acidic water…I mean way overly acidic due to bad PH meter and no knowledge. The start on that was 5 WW Fem seeds…grow was from 1/3 thru death completely 2/2…fail. Second start of WWFem I have 1 plant going since 2-3-16. Went out of town for 3 days and daughter watered once. plant has some dried leaves but otherwise is doing well. none of the other 2 started. 2-24 started 2 AK-47 seeds. both popped thru but are looking leggy and laid down. hoping they stand back up today. I have gardened a lot but this has been one bomb after another. I still have hope for the 1 WW Fem that is growing since 2/3/2016. I will persevere and succeed!


Yes i have the PH kit with tester. and it’s getting much better. Please check my updates.

Now i think it looks much better than morning . :+1:t2:


I agree with tailone, it is tough to grow lol. I killed two of three plants, but I have learned a lot and got myself a better set up. I just need some nutes and a ph tester then my grow should be good. The remaining plant is weak and sickly but its looking better each day.

I like to share with you my latest for advise. Us everything ok?

What kind of soil are you using? I don’t see much perilite make sure not to water it until container feels light it is pretty easy to over water a seedling

i am really not sure about what kind of soil, but i read in the discerption that is an english soil with PH 5.5

NPK? this will factor too since unless it is market a seed starter it may have a charge of nutrients which may be too harsh for plant always better to know sooner than later, before you transplant you may want to mix in some Perilite 30% of mix this makes for far better drainage and air flow to roots

The real long, thin stem means it needs a stronger light, or move the light you are using closer. Maybe think of supporting the stem.

Do you keep a humidity dome over them, now that they have sprouted? Mist?

Be careful of moist soil

Just for the record the 2 AK-47…dead. I used Ocean Forest as the growing medium and I have seen articles on here that say it is too “hot”. I started having issue with my exhaust fan not running at high enough speed. I thought maybe controller went bad so I tried it with another power source. Still too slow. I cut a hole in the flex duct between the filter and the fan. Speed back up that means the filter plugged this soon? It’s one !@#$ing fail after the other.

Standard flex duct, 4" or 6"? If you get more at a store, and can replace what you cut, then bypass the filter.
The filter…I don’t have one, myself…it’s for odor?
Not really much of that till flowers show, you have time to figure the filter out.

This is my grow room i just kept a taible with hight of 1 M, do you think i should get the lights closer ?

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I feel like you should drop them down.

If you have used a table, continue and drop the light lower…Whatever you were doing isn’t enough for the plant, causing that thin, long stem.

That fan is a little too big for the babies, at the moment.

Are you putting a clear dome over the plants to increase humidity?

No i do not use any dom to increase the humidity, should i?

babies like 70% humidity, usually easiest to do with a dome of some sort.

cut a clear plastic soda bottle in half and use the bottom as the dome. Don’t press it in the soil.