My first grow was in 1985 with a phototron grower

My first grow was in 1985 with a phototron grower… See pic… I have only grown a few times … Things have really changed with technology, supplies and support! I wanted to share…


Nice. How’d it turn out?

I remember those things! I was growing outdoors while a friend was using one of those! I blew him out of the water! That thing was ridiculous!

I used one just to reveg and keep a plant alive for three seasons. Plant grew so slow in it I could keep it in there from oct-feb never outgrowing the 16"x16" then plant it back outside for another summer


@monkman I thought you might be interested in this thread :v:t2:

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I got one in the mid 80’s. it was different than the one you have pictured. it was the same size, but it had u-shaped twisted florescent. mine worked great, but had a trip planned so didn’t get the plants i started finished. still the skunk#1 that i got from Amsterdam was great in it, the best pot i have smoked before or since. it just didn’t have amber trichs yet but was still incredible.

I am requesting that anyone who has a phototron manual that has a hand drawn picture of where to prune sun leaves to please let me know! i would like a copy of it. it had an incredible amount of information about growing pot in it.


I typed in Google Phototron manual and it came up with the PDF. I can’t copy the link for you but if you do this and click on it it’s the Phototron manual and then you could save it if you want to keep a copy of it it’s free. I hope this helps you … Scott

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Hey Scott, I have looked online and found two different manuals and since i joined here another person found a third one that i hadn’t seen, but none of them have the hand drawn picture of where to prune sun leaves. the one with the hand drawn picture has all the info from the guys doctoral thesis. thanks for the heads-up though!

I thought this was interesting

Omg I have the same thing but it’s white and I found it in my house when I moved in 5yrs old.i have a really old farm house,and that was in there,it looked older and I’ve never seen another contraption like it,till now. But mine works freak wish I could get more like it. Lol

Awesome! I was in high school… lol

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