My First Grow Update

Planted on 2/15
12/12 on 3/18 w/auto timer

So my first post was few weeks back and I made the recommended adjustments (except for net, Amazon sent wrong one and work kept me too busy to send back) and here is where I am.

I figured I would give it a min or 2 and see how I progress before I ask questions.

The plant looked good up until I checked tonight and I have a lot of yellow and dried looking edges and it looks kind of deflated for a lack of a better word.

I water 1x in morning and 1 in evening w/bergmans stage 3 both times. If it matters the images taken just few minutes ago before I watered for the evening.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong and why the leaves are drying up an yellow? Too much nutrients or too close to the light or is this normal?

This plant got huge compared to where I was in mid march

Also, anyone have any ideas about how much longer I should expect before harvest? I am thinking mid May, based on 8-9 weeks from flip?

One of the coolest things I have noticed is the hint of mango and pepper I can smell in my plant.

Thanks for all your help and I may wait a few hours to reply so I do not trigger the spam filter or what ever like last time.

Have a great weekend


Looks like you have about 4-5 weeks left

Welcome to the community and your 1st update Growmie, noticed your frequent fertigation. Are you growing in coco? What’s your input PH and PPMs and the run off of these 2? :love_you_gesture:


That only happens when you are brand new to the forum. You should be able to post without limit now. The number of likes you can give will always be limited per day but that is so they do not become meaningless otherwise people would just hit like on everything.
I cant remember if you are in soil or coco coir. I went back and read some of your older posts but didn’t see anything about your growing medium. Coco can handle and actually thrives with frequent watering/feeding on a daily basis. But soil needs wet/dry cycles. What you see could possibly be the results of overwatering. Coco drains out immediately leaving air pockets for the roots, thus watering daily or even multiple times a day is ok with coco coir. But not soil. Now depending on how fast she drinks it is possible to need to water soil every day. I have had that happen when I grow in 3 gallon pots and the plants get large.
If not overwatered then look at pH numbers and then runoff PPMs to see whats going on in the dirt. Overall they still look good.


I am using what we had in the garage and I think it was miracle grow soil. I will choose the coco for next plant now that I have more info about doing this correctly.

Last time I checked PH was 6.5ish, but do not know about PPM. I will look into PPM.

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I think it was miracle grow soil.

Thanks for your help and I am glad they are looking good, b/c I get worried when these things happen.

Update my PH is 6.11 and I need to get some strips to measure PPM, so do not know yet.

Thanks again for all the help.

You have some clawing going on which indicates an N excess. Growing in MG soil is problematic as it tends to a low PH and is loaded with harsh fertilizers. I would suggest doing a runoff test to see what your TDS is along with PH. FYI strips and probe meters are worthless for growing cannabis: you need to use a decent PH and TDS meter to monitor soil status.

Apera makes a decent PH meter and any inexpensive TDS pen will get you where you need to go.


Thanks for the info, I will check out the Apera products. I have been giving stage 3 Bergmans every time, but going to start using just water for a bit as well as adjust the watering.