My first grOW. Unknown strain. :)


Here is my 4 survivors. The other one didn’t make it an the tiny one is dying.
My ph tester and my ph control kit has not arrived in the mail. It’s going to be any say now. I’m using distilled water to water my plants. Temp 23c, humidity is 76%. I made the mistake of not being fully ready. Oh well, my plants look healthy to me. As soon as my mail gets here I’ll get the numbers correct.


Looks good Ashley, try to get the humidity between 40 and 60% and are you over-watering a little?


At least I don’t think I am. I dig down to about an inch an if it’s dry I’ll water. But if it’s moist I’ll leave them alone until the soil is more dry. I keep telling myself every time I check that I watered already and to leave them alone. I just love them.


Hi Ashley and welcome to ILGM in this forum you will meet some really neat people and Fearless Leader Latewood And or Science Officer MacGyver
Now first I agree with @Paranorman your humidity is a bit to high but other wise your plants look very good.

B Safe


this is my grow room in my spare room in the basement. I did it all myself. The wall is made from an old box spring. I took it apart an use it to make my wall. It’s a good size. Not finished tho I need to put some reflective material on the walls. Any ideas? My air system is all set up. Hanging my 400w mh light tonight. I made the mistake of not having any studs in my ceiling. So I’m trying to think on what to do.


Until I save some money for a real grow tent. Or I might just convert this whole room into a grow room. But for now I’ll start small. Simple an easy.


I’d avoid foil for your reflective material. What I’ve read is they can increase temps and give you unpredictable and random hotspots in your grow area. I used sun film, a white plastic reflective sheets and lined the inside of my box with it. I’ve ready mylar is also effective, but difficult to clean and easily torn. Push comes to shove, a lot people recommend just a couple of coats of flat white paint.


For your anchors you can used plastic hole caps for screws that should hold your light , if not install you a few 2x4 's that will support your light and exhaust system .


Hi Ashley,

I was going to tell you the same thing as @enderwiggin, with what your doing I myseff
Would use flalt white paint. Its easy, quick an
d saves you money.



What about the stretch that will over see. That box spring thingy ? Close the three sides in with Mylar or sheet rock and pain it flat white , than run 2 (2x4)'s across the ceiling screwed or nailed in existing studs to create a structure support for your Rachel hangers for your badass HPS light and don’t put your ballast in the same space as your light .


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Should I just paint over the plastic? Would that be okay?


Thank you everyone for the good ideas. Helps.


I will keep an update on how everything turns out. I’m in town buying stuff. Wow it’s so fun. I love this. I’m always thinking about my plants. An my set up. It just takes a hold on your life. I’m taking a break from my hard life an doing something I really enjoy. It feels good. One day I was searching for sites an I felt this one was the site im joining. Now I can talk about what I’m doing since I can’t tell anyone. Lol I have not told anyone yet. An I plan on keeping it that way. I appreciate everyone’s comments and direction. And the warm welcome. Have a good day. I’m going shopping. Yay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ashley, I got a tell ya every time I type your name I think I typing to my daughter Ashley…lol that’s her name and she thinks its so cool that dad grows pot…lol
But any way yes you keep it to your self I know its hard to do but you just have to… Cause all you’ll do is give someone a get out of jail card…know what I mean…

But like they say Ashley…It’s not the smoking that’s addIctive… It’s growing it !
Did I spell that right…lol

B Safe



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I was just thinking about you. I’m in another tread. And I want to invite you in .
I’m sure you can help…OK



I forgot about the sign that is so true.



What do you think about using this at the bottom for drainage, do you think it would go mouldy. Maybe.


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