My first grow .. Turning its heads

Hi peeps,
This is my first grow with 2 hollandstar 300w LEDs. I dont feel these ladies are stretching but their tops are tilted which has me equally concerned its turning to the light. Ive been turning then daily but I feel that one side of my light is stronger. I have not purchased a par or lux meter and these are used lights of unknown duration. I had them at 12" but have dropped them to 6" yesterday; no heat and no sign of overheating and they dont look bad to me so I hope you guys have something to say. Temp is around 22 celcius and RH 55-60%. I have it well ventilated, 2 fans inside and an inline fan bring in cooler air from another unused tent with fans running ready to go. Any feedback would be great. The lemon drops sprouted first and remain the tallest-- hard to believe they flower after 3 weeks of veg… Thats not enough time lol… Thanks! :pray::pray:

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Hi Dana,
I think they are to wet, looks pretty damp in those cups.

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I’ve been letting them dry right out so was the first water in 2 days for half of them…the others dried out fast being near fans/venting amd are dry an inch down so I watered. Been paranoid of just that however… :unamused: you think its related to how theyre facing? Thanks for replying! Appreciate it muchly!

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

What soil are they in?

Water drainage is important for any plant, did you cut drain holes in solo cups? I didn’t see any

Hey zee, I drilled 6 or 7 holes depending on the cup before starting. I also used distilled until day 2 veg and air off my chlorine at least 24 hrs before I started with tapwater. Im getting my ph meter today and hopefully a par meter too. Thanks for replying!

Theyre in “dutch treat” potting soil, was suggested at my local grow store for seedlings

Guys… My pH was 8.1… annnd I was severely UNDERwatering… I only watered 2 times a day by spraying to saturate or a dew bigger drops from my bottle til it came through… Way too little for the dryout period in well ventilated room and 7 holes in cup. I can see how overwatering is but learned the frequency is what causes overwatering…but not usually watering lots at one time. I fell culprit to all the advice warning me of overwatering (and i listen) to a fault lol no blame or anything…now i get it …so guys, be careful with that advice!! Damp on top doesnt mean damp 1 inch below the surface either! Lesson majorly learned…lost moby dick 2.0 and her replacement is now the thriving one as it got my lessons learned applied to her! I cant believe she is bigger than the rest! I gave very very dilluted nutes starting 2 days ago and theyfe thriving…just hope the roots are big enough and they continue to grow. Some leaves are still curling low but much happier me thinks…

the last flower has 3 dots very equal and the tips are also brown. This was there all the way through and new leaves did not. Any commenys on that? I havent used hwow on them but thinking of it. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: