My first grow. Thank you for input

Flipped on 12/21

What’d your ppm running 🏃‍♂️?

I am keeping the ph adjusted on water and nutrient solutions I use but I’m not at a level of expertise to even know what ppm is. I know I’ve got buds developing. lol

@dhester parts per million , it’s a metal reading of how many parts per million is in the water :droplet:, if the water is acidic your ph can run very high , it your water is alkaline your ppm can run real low , so it’s almost like making love :heart:, right in the middle and do the very damn best you can right so she is please and if you get lucky once or twice , or have enough blue faces , she’ll give you a return !

10/27/21 Germination. First time ever.

Blue Dream 28 days since flip. 1 gallon pot.