My First Grow - Tangie, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple - Outdoors in Grow Bags


This is my first grow of any kind. I will be growing 3 strains, Tangie, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple on my deck in grow bags. I got the seeds from Canada.

I’m open to any suggestions anyone has to help me on this journey.


Day 1 - April 15, 2019

Placed seeds in shot glasses of water. Then placed them in a cupboard above the fridge.

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@HornHead any suggestions? Hey man welcome to the forum . Here you will find a abundance of help and knowledge from people that have the same love and passion for God’s green gift that you do . I’m a first time grower too. Learning things every day is just part of the process my man . Trial and error but you have come to the right place I can tell you that ! Also are they autos or photoperiods ? What’s your medium you are planning on using ?

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Start in about 1 gallons bags then transplant. Plant will grow faster

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@HornHead I’m thinking about taking o e of my autos and putting it in a single hydro setup? Any thoughts or suggestions ?

@SmokingWolverine Please don’t advertise other seed banks


They are feminized photoperiods, I will be using Peat Pellets then they are going into Pro-mix Potting Mix, I will be trying to transplant about 3 times to build up the root ball.

@SmokingWolverine you should look into coco or even ff happy frog for seedlings and then coco for the first transplant . Fox farms soils are very good for seedlings and coco mediums hold water really well and allows for great root development.

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I’ve heard nothing but bad things about those pellets


@HornHead, what have you heard, as I’ve used them for 15 years without a problem. As long as you don’t disturb the seedling you won’t have a problem

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Just that people have germination problems

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And people keeping them too wet

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I stopped using peat pellets. Could be me, could be the pellets.
Now it’s just a 24-48hr soak in h2o with a little h2o2, then when they sprout long enough tails I put them right into seedling specific soil.

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Day 2 - Transferred seeds to Paper Towel, looks good little tail visible on 2 of them

Day 3 - Checked the moisture in the morning. All 4 have tails now.

Day 3 - Evening, checked seeds and transferred to peat pellets. Some nice long tails.




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Day 4 - Checked on my girls this morning, took dome off, for the picture only, peat pellets are still moist, not wet.


Day 5 - Starting to see some leaves, added the condensation on lid to the peat pods.


Day 6 - Gave them a light spray of water, was a little worried as the leaves look dried up on the ends, but thanks to @tanlover442 , he determined that it’s just the husks holding on, thanks @HornHead


Day 7 - Looking good, but I need to transplant one of the Tangie today as she is touching the dome now.