My first grow. Something else grew in my pot


My seedlings are growing. But something else is also. HELP. what could this little thing be?


Not seeing any problems


If you look closely around the stem area there’s a small 2 leaf plant. It’s super tiny. I wonder what it could be?


Boy that is small nothing to worry about you can pluck it maybe with a pair of tweezers because it’s so close to the stem that would be the only concern one thing I do notice the pots are quite large for seedlings


Ya I plucked it out. And my pots are all I could find at the time. I’m careful not to over water.


First time is the best the Solo cups are good for seedlings to make it easier to transplant after they have four or five sets of leaves good idea for you to look into felt pots


It could be a beanstalk?!?

Fee Fie Foe Fum! :metal: