My first grow seeds from my local growshop

The only survivor out of 5. At 8 weeks after switching the lights


Looks good
You should go ahead and remove some leafs defloite to grow more bud and lollipop it.

Look very nice. Happy growing. Agree with @Nicky do some defoliation will make better light penetration it will thicken up nicely n lower sites. but what can we say looks great :star_struck:

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I just thought that Iā€™m to far in ,to take any more off

Incorrect take off more as you get closer to finish.

The agreed approach is day 21 defoilate and lollipop.

They grow back once but never again, defoilate again later when you notice the growth.
Near the, last week or two, cull as much as you can.

Save all the leafs for bubble hash or coconut oil

Ok thank you, nice to know l will be taking care of that today

Cleaned it up a bit. Thank you guys for the info

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