My First grow pics


Hey Everyone, this is my first time growing and I just switched to 12/12 on July 1st. Don’t mind the little one she just got root rot earlier on and took a while to boumce back. All in all, how do they look? Any comments would be appreciated.


Hello and welcome to ILGM support. There are tons of really knowledgeable people on here to help if you need it.
People like pics and make sure to fill out a support ticket so you can bypass all the questions one might have specific to your grow :smile:
Plant looks great BTW :+1: what’s the strain?


Purple, very purple :grin:


Also maybe take pics in white light. It makes things a ton easier to see. :point_up_2:


Big girl is Snowland and the little one is Romulan. I didn’t have big enough air pumps at first and the Romulan was a smaller weaker clone so it didn’t rebound as fast as the Snowland once I got bigger pumps.


Here you go, I changed the water earlier today.


There we go! Now that’s a beauty :heart_eyes:


Thanks, I fimmed her twice and did a lollipop technique. I tend to like trying different skills right out the gate. So far she is a beautiful dark (not too dark) indoor green. Pistils started to come out a couple days ago.


Awesome! I did something similar. Started my first grow June 1st. 5 purple haze. 2 mainline 1 top and LST and 2 FEM. experiments are fun :joy:


How old is she?


I did a bend technique to try to help the Romulan get more action do to her smaller size


Can you do anything to bring the little one closer to the light even with the other?


I put the clones into the hydro system about 7 weeks ago


I just tagged u in to mine for a comparison pic. You did 1000 times better than i